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>Hello All
>I am a bit curious about censorship in Germany, can someone tell me what
>web sites the German goverment has told the IASPs to block.
>As far I remember TE-ONLINE and Compuserve was told to block pornography
>sites along with the White fascist sites.

“The German government” told them nothing. One prosecutor in Mannheim
obtained a preliminary court order against T-Online, leading to the
temporary blocking of

The temporary blocking of *one* fascist site in the US was lifted February
6th, as announced by the maintainer of that site. The case was dropped. Of
course, you won’t read about this on any of the so-called fight-censorship
sites in the US, which have their own reasons for perpetuating a story
that ended almost five months ago.

A threatened investigation of AOL for allowing access to never

Mirror sites of the fascist material on, including my original
mirror site and a site operated by the principals, were never
blocked or investigated. The German federal government has largely
resisted efforts by the states to restrict pornographic and fascist sites.
They’re actually being pressured by the US to do more. See:

Declan McCullagh has a useful, but often wildly inaccurate, catalogue of
alleged censorship attempts at:

Please take that as a starting point, but follow up with the principals,
many of whom will flatly deny that they were ever victimized as Declan,
Seth, and Michael Loomis claim. For example, Lewis McCarthy and me.

You can download archives for offline searching at:

– -rich

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