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Testimony of SS-Oberscharfuehrer Kurt Bolender, In the
Belzec-Oberhauser trial:
[Quoted in “BELZEC, SOBIBOR, TREBLINKA – the Operation Reinhard
Death Camps”, Indiana University Press – Yitzhak Arad, 1987, p. 76].
Before the Jews undressed, Oberscharfuehrer Michel made a speech
to them. On these occasions, he used to wear a white coat to
give the impression that he was a physician. Michel announced to
the Jews that they would be sent to work, but before this they
would have to take baths and undergo disinfection so as to
prevent the spread of diseases… After undressing, the Jews
were taken through the so-called Schlauch. They were led to the
gas chambers not by the Germans but by the Ukrainians…After
the Jews entered the gas chambers, the Ukrainians closed the
doors. The motor which supplied the gas was switched on by
a Ukrainian named Emil and by a German driver called Erich
Bauer from Berlin. After the gassing, the door were opened
and the corpses removed….
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