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Vladimir V. Zhirinovsky, the ultranationalist candidate for the Russian
presidency, has hailed the victory by Patrick J. buchanan in the New
Hampshire primary and told him that they could cooperate to deport
American & Russian Jews, the Interfax news agency said today.

Mr. Zhirinovsky, whose party is the third largest bloc in Parliament,
called Mr. Buchanan a “brother in arms” and wished him a “convincing
victory” in November.

Interfax, quoting Mr. Zhirinovsky’s press office, said he had written to
Mr. Buchanan, saying: “….Congress is ‘Israeli-occupied territory.’ We
have the same situation in Russia. so, to SURVIVE, we could set aside
places on U.S. and Russian territory to deport this small but TROUBLESOME

Mr. Buchanan, a former comentator and speechwriter……has termed Israel
a ‘strategic albatross draped around the neck of the United states’ and
has defended a number of naturalized American citizens who were charged
with being Nazi war criminals. Yet, in 1990, Mr. Buchanan also condemned
anti-Semitism, comparing it to pornography.

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SUBJECT: Russian to deport j*ws
Fri. 2/23/96
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