You deserve it, Griswold Leslie

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>Whiny union shit John Baglow ([email protected]) writes:

>> We only have the Loser’s word for it that daddy is dead. How do we know he
>> isn’t alive and well in Miami with the Jews who didn’t really die in
>> the Holocaust because (quoth Griswold) the Holocaust never happened?

>> (Bad taste, some will say. But all of this cretin’s spew is intentionally
>> hurtful to Jews, Blacks and others. What goes around comes around.)

>Yep, that’s what we can expect from a whiny union shit like Bagless.

Let’s examine this issue, shall we, Leslie?

Mr. Baglow quite correctly notes that your articles are
intentionally hurtful to specific ethnic and cultural groups.

It can, as anyone quickly touring your archived articles will
quickly agree, be fairly said that you deliberately hurt
people, and that you do so in a petty and spiteful manner.


Mr. Baglow further points out that when the shoe is on the
other foot, when YOU have suffered some hurt, you immediately
resort to insult and obscenity.

I take it, Leslie, that you don’t LIKE it when people cause
you hurt. It’s a very human reaction, and, in your case, one
which will garner you very little sympathy.

What goes around does indeed come around, Mr. Griswold. You’re
upset because someone touched a nerve? Too damned bad, Bucky,
too damned bad. It couldn’t have happened to a more richly
deserving cretin.

You think _you_ hurt? How must your father have felt, having you
for a son?

There are lessons to be learned here, but you won’t learn
them. You will instead simply continue to do everything you
can to deliberately and methodically inflict maximum emotional
pain on others – it is all your tawdry little life is good

So be it. Don’t complain when you find yourself a target for
the outraged pain of your victims. You deserve it, Bucky.

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What goes around, comes around
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