Xensei admission email, Dranetz Jeffrey L

On Thu, 11 Jan 1996, Jamie McCarthy wrote:

> >The msg is also tucked away, 600, in the encouragements
> >directory.
> No need — it’s already in the ftp hierarchy, with a link thereto on the
> dranetz.html page. I’ll delete it for you. 🙂
> >> http://www.almanac.bc.ca/encouragements/dranetz.html (Page doesn`t exist)
> >
> >Might you mean “xensei.html”?
> Nope — I changed the name from xensei to dranetz when the culprit’s
> location was narrowed from the ISP as a whole down to the individual
> account. Now that we’re sure it was Jeff Dranetz (or at least his
> account), his name goes on the top of the page, and the file gets named
> after him too. No sense having xensei’s name in the headline just
> because they happened to have a bad-apple user.

Thanks Jamie, I appreciate that.

Just to let the two of you know, we talked to Jeff Dranetz today, and he
admitted that he was in fact the person who sent the forged message (to
Netcom that is, the one which you had forwarded me a log entry for – we
didn’t discuss the other recent mail bombings with him.)

We reminded him of our policy concerning acceptable use, and explained
that we would not be able to re-activate his account for him because of
this. He didn’t seem to be particularly surprised.

This probably won’t stop him forever – there are probably 50 other ISPs
either local or national which he can subscribe to as a local call, but
at least there won’t be any more such attacks coming from Xensei.

If there’s anything else I can ever be of assistance with please let me

Take care.

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