Worthless maggot, Grosvenor William

[email protected] wrote:
: Kaddish, the barin-dead Jew,had you any assets, I would sue you for
: whatever you owned.

Be my guest, you worthless maggot. Go right ahead and sue me. I will
countersue for everything you own, I will charge you with harrassment, I
will have you up on hate charges, and I will have your sanity and past
criminal record placed up on the stand for questioning.
You’d either end up in the sanitorium where you belong or in jail, or on
welfare for the rest of your miserable little life. Not to mention you
would waste taxpayer dollars(by the way,maggot, what’s a barin) and
provide me with hours of amusement. Oh, and I’d sue you for libel and
slander. Heck, I’d have to sue your worthless estate because I’d keep you
in court so long you’d die of a heart attack before I was through with you.
So go right ahead and sue me.

: immolation, just die,and leave Panker and all the rest of us normal human
: beings in peace and quiet.

You are not a normal human being, you slimy little maggot. You are the
scum that lives on the bottom of an outhouse far out in the boonies.
I have no intention on dying, scumbag, I am not ald and bitter like you
and your worthless bretheren, so I shall live on.
You, however are old and finished. So I think it is you who should die
and leave the normal folk alone.

: Triple 5 won’t hire you.

That would remain to be seen, I would have to apply for a job with them
before I could find this out. But when they find out how I’ve made you
squirm, it would go well towards my hiring.

: And, you maggotty liar, I have never worked for Triple Five – I always
: worked AGAINST them,as all records,and Triple 5 will confirm.

That’s not what private e-mail you sent to me a whole ago has said. You
are a proven liar and a slimeball with a criminal record, so either you
are lying to me, or everyone here. Either way you lie, and lie, and lie.

: Rot in hell, Gehenna, with all the other Golem,and I will even go and buy
: a Jahrzeit candle in celebration.

No way, scuzzbag.
Tell us Grosswiener, how long did you spend in prison for your crimes?

-Jason Kodish

It is a sad day when one who opposes the ever looming power of the State
is called an anarchist. When it becomes politically incorrect to believe
in such basic precepts such as freedom of choice. It is my belief that
those who do not defend their rights deserve to lose them…-Me.

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