Winnie the pooh in figleaves, Covington Harold

To most SANE people, Chapel Hill, NC is known as the home of the
University of North Carolina. To the real nut-cases, it’s more
reknowned as the “Bunker” of H. Covington (aka “Winston Smith”),
Mardi-Gras Führer of the NSWPP, best known for embossing everything
with swastikas–probably Kleenex, too–and venerating its legendary
founder, George Lincoln Rockwell, who went to Valhalla, just as his
undies were going into the spin-dry cycle at the Laundromat.
Imperial Poobah (or whatever he calls himself) Covington is annoyed
that the Tacoma, Washington based EUR0-AMERICAN STUDENT UNION doesn’t
recognize Covington as its Commander-in-Chief nor splatter its pages
with swastikas, runes, and other hold-overs from “Hogan’s Heroes.”
The ESU, however, is exactly as its name implies: EURO-AMERICAN,
meaning embracing ALL European peoples: Slavs, Finns, Hungarians, etc.
who would not exactly welcome flaunting the age-old Aryan
representation of the Sun-Wheel in the same manner as the Braunauer
Bar-Cochva, who succeeded in destroying the Old Europe, turning the
ruins over two antagonistic barbarian chieftans: one based in Moscow,
the other in Washington (as so brilliantly delineated by the martyred
Spenglerian, Francis P. Yockey [Ulik Varange] in his _magnum opus:
To underscore its commitment to all peoples of Euro-stock, the ESU
promotes the revival of Latin as the common language of “the West” —
as indeed it was for 2,500 years. (English is a hybrid: a Latin tree
in Germanic soil.) Covington, in his dementia, portrays members of the
ESU gamboling about the Puget Sound in fig leaves! (As loonies go,
“Winston” is certainly one of the more colorful ones.) Try gamboling
around Puget Sound in “fig leaves” this time of year, and you’ll find
your frozen ass falling off P.D.Q. But when has Covington ever allowed
reality to intrude upon his rantings? In this case, he finishes off
his defamation with a grand flourish (of four words) in Latin, and
they’re WRONG! Winnie repeats the maxim found on every pack of Pall
Mall cigarettes, _in hoc signo vinces_ following it with a swastika
flag rather than the Chi-Rho of legend. What Covington doesn’t know,
because he’s totally ignorant of Latin as well as everything else, is
that _vinces_ means “You [SINGULAR: ONE INDIVIDUAL] shall conquer.”
“You–or yall’ as they say in the South to indicate the PLURAL–shall
conquer,” is _in hoc signo vincetis_!
Latin, like German, has different verb forms for “you” singular and
“you” plural. The only Latin Covington knows is what he’s read off a
pack of Pall Malls. Open _os_; insert _pes_!

Having made a total idiot of himself in defaming the ESU, Covington
then spits venom at that White Abberation, Tom Metzger. The REAL
reason for Covington’s on-going defamation of Metzger is that every
dollar being sent Metzger ISN’T being sent to Covinton! That’s what
has Winnie-the-Pooh chewing the carpet: those bucks slipping out of
his fingers. “A pox on both your houses!” is the position of the ESU,
which cordially invites those–student or no–interested in a SANE
APPROACH to the preservation of the White Race-Culture and exposure to
White-Particularism, to surf in and relish the atmosphere of Positive

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