Who is Joseph Burg, Burg J R

I have worked at The Star since 1984. No person named Joseph Burg has ever
worked for the paper. On March 31, 1988, The Star reported on Joseph Burg’s
testimony at the trial of Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel. He was testifying
in Zundel’s defence, and made the comment you attributed to him. burg was 80
at the time. In his testimony, he described himself as an “anti-Zionist.”

Don Sellar, Ombud

(In response to a query resulting from an antisemite’s claim that the
following quote appeared in the Star)

“Zionism was willing to sacrifice the whole of European Jewry for a
Zionist State. Everything was done to create a state of Israel and that was
only possible through a world war. Wall Street and Jewish large bankers
aided the war effort on both sides. Zionists are also to blame for provoking
the growing hatred for Jews in 1988.”

Joseph Burg, The Toronto Star, March 31, 1988″

From: Ombudsman, The Toronto Star
Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 1999 1:42 PM
Subject: RE: Requesting information