What is the Heritage Front..

What is the Heritage Front?

“We will do whatever we have to to protect our race.” ( Heritage Front leader Wolfgang Droege)

The Heritage Front, which was founded in 1989, calls itself a “White separatist group,” “dedicated to true maintenance of European traditions and values in our society.”

The Heritage Front started as a breakaway faction of the Nationalist Party of Canada.

The Heritage Front claims 1800 members nationally, making the group the largest hate group in Canada since the 1930s. Most members of the Front are males aged 16-25.

The Heritage Front has close ties with Holocaust deniers David Irving and Ernst Zundel.

The Heritage Front distributes its own newspaper, entitled Up Front.

The Heritage Front has a strong affiliation With Libya, and supports the “Third Position,” Muammar Qadhafi’s economic dogma replete with virulent anti-lsrael overtones.

The Heritage Front allows members to join other right-wing groups, and does not denounce racist actions by other organisations.

The Heritage Front seeks to end non-White immigration, blaming newcomers for high crime rates, social conflict, and the erosion of the inherently European nature of Canada.

The Heritage Front, claiming reverse discrimination, opposes employment equity and multiculturalism programmes in the name of “saving the White race.”

The Heritage Front actively recruits junior high and high school students with flyers, concerts and meetings.

The Heritage Front promotes racism under the banner of “Equal Rights for Whites,” and uses “free speech” as a defence for their position.

The Heritage Front does not denounce violent racism, and in fact has been involved in several fights with anti-racists despite a self-styled image as a peaceful group.

The Heritage Front opposes all mixing between cultures and races, suggesting that “race-mixing” will lead to the extinction of the White Race.

The Heritage Front is vehemently opposed to foreign aid programmes.