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>>Media across western Canada, especially TV stations in Alberta have been
>>reporting on the atrocious service [sic] of Canada Post this holiday
>>Whereas in past years, Canada Post had deliveries of Christmas parcels
>>on the Saturday and Sunday before Christmas, in Alberta this year there
>>were no weekend deliveries of Christmas parcels.
>>Consequently, thousands of complaints have flooded the media, of children,
>>and parents, missing many thousands of Christmas gifts that Canada Post
>>refused to deliver. Many have still not received parcels that were mailed
>>the beginning of December!!
>>It is time for a major shake-up, and firing, of senior managers at Canada
>>media have too often been reporting about huge THEFTS by senior managers,
>>but their regular inadequate job performance is enough cause for FIRING FOR
>>Time for competition and cancellation of the postal monopoly.

>Send the packages earlier or use a courier or bus service.

The OP stated that the articles WERE sent the beginning of December, well
before the CP supposed deadline.

It seems that the lazy overpaid slobs just did not bother DELIVERING the
parcels, not even up to today!!

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