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>Whoever the maggot Mok may be, I doubt that he has any qualifications
>whatsoever,unless he may be one of the undesirable immigrants.

Speaking of “undesirable immigrants”, that reminds me of an article from
_Alberta Report_, which even William Grosvenor considers to be a respected
news magazine:

“Master of Malice: The Ghermezians put an end to Bill Grosvenor’s ‘
news tips'” ALBERTA REPORT, July 3, 1989, Pg. 19-20. By Tom Philip
and Glenn Kubish

The Ghermezians backed their application for the gag order with
stories from Alberta Report and the West German newspaper Die Zeit.
Alberta Report has also obtained numerous letters, court documents,
newspaper articles – even Grosvenor’s own resume – dating back to
1970, revealing that Grosvenor, 48, has a criminal record for
assault and extortion, that he was diagnosed at Riverview
Psychiatric Hospital in British Columbia in 1973 as suffering from a
paranoid personality disorder, and that his harassment of the
Ghermezians is only the latest in a 20-year series of vendettas
against corporations and individuals, including leading figures of
the British Columbia legislature and judiciary. The documents also
reveal a remarkable willingness on the part of some newspapers to
accept Grosvenor at face value. The Edmonton Journal, in
particular, has described him over the years as a “consultant,” an ”
import-export consultant” and “president of an international
management consulting firm,” lending Grosvenor a credibility which
his history shows is not deserved.
Grosvenor dropped out of sight during the mid-1970s, during which
time he claims to have been a consultant, “processed for top secret
and military security clearance,” to the prime minister of
Malaysia. In 1980 he surfaced in Edmonton where he threatened to
sue the city for $200 when a tent belonging to a Malaysian cultural
group with which he was associated blew down in a storm during the
city’s Heritage Days festival.

(The rest of this article, plus a couple of others can be found on the web
in the file “background-grosvenor”.)

How interesting. William Grosvenor (who claims to currently hold a British
passport — i.e., he’s a foreigner) re-immigrated to Canada around 1980
*with* a criminal record.

So just how does Mr. Grosvenor feel about immigrants with criminal records?
Ironically, if you check his web page (the one which includes a constitution
for his new ‘country’, Grosvenor-Reich), he lists his immigration policy:

IMMIGRATION will be strictly regulated. Only persons useful to
the economy of Western Canada will be admitted. Criminals, so-called
economic refugees, those unable to support themselves, those with
AIDS, and those expected to be a drain on the taxpayers will not be
admitted. Sponsors of immigrants will be required to deposit a
substantial cash bond with the Government for 10 years, to cover any
costs should the sponsored immigrant ever become a cost to
taxpayers. In fact, those costing taxpayers while not yet a citizen
should be deported to their country of origin.

“Criminals… will not be admitted.” Sounds like Mr. Grosvenor must classify
himself as an “undesirable immigrant”, and would not even qualify for entry
into his own ‘country’ to boot.

The last sentence is also interesting: “In fact, those costing taxpayers
while not yet a citizen should be deported to their country of origin.” I
wonder just who pays the bills at the Riverview Psychiatric Hospital in
British Columbia?

>That he would contact CGA Head Office, just to confirm that Grosvenor is
>a CGa shows how incompetetnt Mok is,but what can one expect of a
>functionally illiterate attendee at U of A?

‘Nuff said?

>All he had to do was was go to any library and read the membership list
>book, published annually by CGA. I guess that Mok, or Muck, or whatever
>is so illiterate, he can’t even read!!!

Ah, but don’t forget that membership status can change at any time (and
sounds like it might in this case), and that would not be reflected in the
print directory until the next edition. Obviously, calling was the prudent
thing to do.

>I suggest that all of you read the latest article,featured in excerpts,
>published recently by the Red Deer Advocate,and even featured by CFRN
>TV,regarding the arrest on 14 serious criminal charges of the Past
>President of CGA Alberta, William L. Mearns!!!

According to you, one of your main grievances against Mr. Mearns is that he
allowed ‘unqualified bookkeepers’ to become CGAs. Is this the reason you
are so upset with the CGA association? His getting caught means that your
qualifications and membership might be reviewed?

>That businesses do not list themselves in the phone book is no crime.
>That is why there are unlisted numbers, stupid Muck.

Legitimate, retail-oriented businesses not advertising and keeping unlisted
numbers. Check.

>I guess a “feileu” such as Muck has to try and get attention,any way he
>can,since he obviously is not a business owner,or even a worker.


(s means ‘substitute’)

BTW, you still haven’t answered any of Ken McVay’s questions, Mr. Grosvenor.


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In article <[email protected]> Todd Burge writes:

>Why the STUPID Canadian dig? Are you impying that all canadians are
>stupid? While I do agree that It is an individuals choice to make a bad
>decision, I do not think it is neccessary to LABEL Canadians as STUPID.

That’s just William Grosvenor’s (a.k.a. [email protected]) way
of expressing envy of Canadians, something he will never be.

If you read through his posts on immigration issues (you can find links to
archived posts at,
you’ll see that he regularly rants about “criminal immigrants” entering
Canada. Just the kind of thing you’d expect from a super-patriotic law-
abiding citizen, right?

But guess who happens to be a criminal immigrant himself? That’s right —
William Grosvenor.

It turns out that he originally came to Canada in the mid-1960s, picked up a
couple of criminal convictions for assault and extortion then left in the
mid-1970s for southeast Asia. He turned up back in Canada around 1980,
entering Canada as a criminal immigrant.

Look back an iteration in the thread and you’ll see where Grosvenor, a
convicted criminal and foreigner, demanding that a citizen, i.e., me, be
deported. I guess you could say that when it comes to experience with
stupidity, *nobody* is more qualified than William Grosvenor.

Interesting tangent: William Grosvenor immigrated to Canada not once but
*twice*, and he is still here after having recently examining a number of
other countries for emigration. Since actions speak louder than words, the
only conclusion we can draw is that William Grosvenor believes Canada is
the *best* country in the world in which to live.

As for making bad decisions, the only bad decision someone could make around
William Grosvenor is to give him any credibility — remember, this is the
man who Forbes magazine called a “roving fruitcake”. (text of the article
is at in
the file “background-grosvenor”)


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On Thu, 29 Aug 1996 [email protected] wrote:

> Why should JEWS importing food into Quebec, bexempt from the laws of=20
> Quebec, just because they are JEWS?

No because they have made a request and under the Quebec Language Law it
is permissible.=20
Under several articles of the law it is permissible to have other
languages and even have french excluded (as is the case with this).

> Why are not English speaking Christians of Quebec also allowed to import=
> foods into Quebec, without the French labels?
Of course they are! Under the same constraints as the Jewish Congress
agreement with L’office de la langue Fran=87ais.
– The foods must be unavailable in a French version
– and the food must be available for a very short period
– So common Christians of Quebec import all of the Fruit Cakes you can
for Xmas with English labelings only (deh!)
> Did some legislators receive threats, or promises, to allow JEWS special=
> treatment?

No Threats, promises are Christians domain!!!

> Why are the non-JEWS of Quebec so silent about this outrage?
What outrage, a group as been able to surcumvent the language law
you should be happy!
> If you are in Quebec, let us know how you feel about the preferntial=20
> treatment for JEWS!!!!

No the Jewish population have not been given preferential treatment.
They made a request and the request was accepted, that’s it.
I personnaly don’t care! I live in Quebec and I’m feed up with the
language debate.
I was a teen when 101 became law, I spoke french then and still do it
as not changed my life or anyones life that I know. The only thing it
has done is remove rights of a certain part of the population.
The french language as survived over 300 years in Quebec without a law,
a sign law in Quebec and it survived long before Canada ever became a
bilingual country (which I was a teen at that time too )
and I believe it will survive for as long as we are proud of who we are.
I am not proud of the Language Law in Quebec because in my eyes we are
doing the same thing to the minority language in Quebec that is being done
outside Quebec (BC is or was until recently looking at an English only law
on their Signs because of the current expansion of the Chinese population,=
Manitoba had an English only law (until the Canadian Supreme Court over
turned it) and California is thinking about an English only law because
something like 50% of it’s population is Spanish speaking).

As always thank you for reading my ramblings

Et merci a tous pour avoir lu mon lonnnnnnng discourt