Usenet 0696, Faurisson Robert

Jean-Francois Beaulieu writes:

# And since he said ‘historians’, the testimony of a witness who
# still claim that 1 or 2 persons were burned alive in an oven at a
# moment is not a ‘proof’ that Faurisson lied when he rejected
# Wiesel’s story about _mass_ burning outside.

Ok, I’ll explain again.

Faurisson claims that historians “no longer believe” testimony
about throwing people alive into the “burning ditches” in
Birkenau. If he’s not lying, he should present a large number
of historians who indeed say that they don’t believe this ever
happened. Until he does, he’s lying about this point.

The testimonies usually place this method of killing in the
summer of 1944, when the (average) largest numbers of people
were being murdered (the Hungarian Jews). Since the gas chambers
were overloaded, there were times in which some of the victims
were simply thrown alive into the “burning ditches”, to hasten
the process.

I am aware of a few testimonies about this: by Severina
Shmaglevskaya, by a few sonderkommando survivors, and by
the Czech witness Alexander Princz. I am not aware of any
historian who denies these accounts.

We know, BTW, that the SS burned people alive in other camps,
and in Lidice if memory serves me right.

-Danny Keren.

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