Uncommon Ground: Who Rules America?

Who Rules America?

The Holocaust Journal‘s most disturbing link with white supremacists comes straight from the pen of Publisher Eric Muhammad. In his opening editorial, “The Need for an Independent Black Press,” Muhammad plagiarizes a ubiquitous anti-Semitic flier produced by the neo-Nazi National Alliance,[11] “Who Rules America?” [fn.11, see P.16.-Ed.]

The National Alliance was organized in 1970 out of the remnants of a Willis Carto-controlled, openly neo-nazi “Youth for [1968 presidential candidate George] Wallace” movement. Led by one-time physics professor and ANP officer William Pierce, the West Virginia-based National Alliance is arguably the largest openly Nazi group in the United States today.

Pierce is also author of some of the most violent and vicious racist propaganda in recent memory. His 1978 novel The Turner Diaries — which fantasizes about the overthrow of America’s “Zionist Occupation Government,” the murder of “non-whites,” the nuclear destruction of Israel, and the establishment of an “Aryan” controlled world — became the acknowledged blueprint for The Order, a terrorist gang which engaged in murder, firebombing, armed robbery, and counterfeiting during the mid-80s. The Order was founded by the late Robert Matthews, a recruiter for the National Alliance.

Other notorious associates of Pierce‘s group include Jonathan Haynes, the confessed murderer of a hairdresser in San Francisco and a plastic surgeon in Chicago. (He recently was sentenced to death for the latter murder.) Haynes claimed to be motivated to kill because of “bleached-blond hair, tinted blue eyes and fake facial features brought by plastic surgery. This is the time that we…stop feeding off Aryan beauty.” In June 1993, a National Alliance member, Michael Shields, was sentenced to five years’ probation for threatening to assassinate President Clinton and Vice-President Gore.

Pierce’s contempt and hatred toward people of color is reflected throughout The Turner Diaries and its sequel, Hunter. The National Alliance, which owns 100 shares of AT&T stock, has also introduced resolutions at shareholders’ meetings calling for the abolition of the company’s affirmative action policy because “Black people are intellectually inferior to whites.” In a 1993 comic book aimed at recruiting teenagers to his group, Pierce wrote, “The reason Blacks are wrecking our civilization in America is that all civilization is alien to them! They never experienced it before our ancestors pulled them out of trees in Africa and brought them over here to pick cotton 200 years ago!”

Even “Who Rules America?” gives ventilation to Pierce‘s glorification of violence and his anti-Black bigotry. For example, the National Alliance leader writes of “Jewish-controlled” entertainment programs that “…a racially mixed couple will be respected…as will a ‘take charge’ Black scholar or businessman…. On the other hand, a White racist — that is, any racially conscious White person who looks askance at …the rapidly darkening racial situation in America — is portrayed…as a despicable bigot…or…a dangerous psychopath…. The Jew-controlled entertainment media have taken the lead in persuading a whole generation that….the character of the White race is suspect because of a history of oppressing other races; and that any effort by Whites at racial self-preservation is preprehensible…. [T]he fact that so many White Americans today are so filled with a sense of racial guilt and self-hatred that they actively seek the death of their own race is a deliberate consequence of Jewish media control!” (emphasis in original).

Given the violent legacy of Pierce‘s propaganda, his solution to the “problem” of “Jewish media control” is an unmistakable call to terror: “Once we have absorbed and understood the fact of Jewish media control, it is our inescapable responsibility to do whatever is necessary to break that control. We must shrink from nothing in combatting this evil power which has fastened its deadly grip on our people and is injecting its lethal poison into their minds and souls. If we fail to destroy it, it certainly will destroy our race.”

And yet this is the authority Eric Muhammad chooses to cite, without credit, in the first article of the inaugural issue of The Holocaust Journal. Muhammad writes, “The suppression of competition and the establishment of local monopolies on the reporting of news and opinion have characterized the rise of Jewish dominance in controlling America’s newspapers.” Pierce, in turn, states, “The suppression of competition and the establishment of local monopolies have characterized the rise of Jewish control over America’s newspapers.” Clearly, Muhammad has lifted the wording, phrasing and nuance of his sentence directly from the Pierce original.

Both writers choose as examples to illustrate their argument three papers: The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. In another instance of plagiarism, Muhammad describes The Times as “unofficially the social, fashion, entertainment, political, and cultural guide of the nation.” Pierce states, “The New York Times is the unofficial social, fashion, entertainment, political, and cultural guide of the nation.”

Similarly, Pierce describes the paper’s origins by writing, “The New York Times was founded in 1851 by two Gentiles, Henry J. Raymond and George Jones. After their deaths, it was purchased in 1896 from Jone’s estate by a wealthy Jewish publisher, Adolph Ochs. His grandson, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, is the paper’s current publisher and CEO….” Muhammad writes, “The New York Times has not always been a Jewish-owned newspaper. It began all-American in 1851, founded by Henry J. Raymond and George Jones. After Raymond and Jones’ death, Adolph Ochs, a wealthy Jewish publisher, purchased the paper. Today if you look into the publisher’s credits in the Times, you will see the name Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. He is the great-grandson of Ochs, and is the paper’s current publisher and CEO.”

Muhammad continues this manner of “research” with respect to the other papers, then extracts a statement from Jewish “scholars and scientists” remarkably similar to passages in the long-discredited forgery, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: “This freedom…will give political force to those engaged in industry, and that will help to oppress the people. Nowadays it is important to disarm the peoples than to lead them into war [sic]; more important to use for our advantage the passions which have burst into flames than to quench their fire; more important to catch up and interpret the ideas of others to suit ourselves than to eradicate them” (emphasis in original).

Of course, the importance of “catching up” and “interpreting” the ideas of others — i.e., the racist notions of white extremists — rather than eradicating them, perfectly captures the essence not of any “Jewish controllers” of the media, but of The Holocaust Journal itself. One of the Black African Holocaust Council’s stated goals is the “struggle towards a true and proper education.” In pursuing this goal, however, they have replaced common sense and decency with paranoid scapegoating and conspiracy theories. The dismal irony that the source for many of these lies and slanders is the propaganda of bigots who have worked for decades to harm and impede the interests of African-Americans comments resoundingly on the moral bankruptcy of this group’s agenda.