Uncommon Ground: The Black African Holocaust Council

The Black African Holocaust Council

On April 19, 1994, over 2,000 individuals converged on the campus of Howard University to attend a night-long even dedicated to “Documenting the Black Holocaust.” The crowd cheered wildly as one by one, champions of demagoguery like Steve Cokely, Professor Leonard Jeffries, Professor Tony Martin, and Khalid Abdul Muhammad, took the stage. Each of them implicated Jews and Jewish organizations in an assortment of alledged plots to destroy the black community, and repeatedly brought the audience to its feet with anti-white remarks. Equally disturbing was the insistence by all of these men that the Nazi murder of six million Jews was trivial in comparison to the suffering imposed by whites on the African people.

While this celebration of hatred was the subject of media attention in the days that followed, many of the individuals who took to the podium that night have faded from the headlines. But, out of the spotlight, their battle cries have not weakened. In fact, they have recently been provided with an additional forum for their rhetoric by a group known as the Black African Holocaust Council.