Uncommon Ground: Other Conspiracy Theories

Other Conspiracy Theories

BAHC’s Holocaust Journal ventures beyond Holocaust denial propaganda by promoting — along with a conspiracy-theory book about the Trilateral Commissionand an anti-Israeli book by George and Douglas Ball — two books by Eustace MullinsThe Secrets of the Federal Reserve and Murder by Injection. Mullins, an anti-Jewish propagandist since the 1950s, has written,

“The United States is a land for Jews in which they can tell lies and loot as they like. Why then do the Jews hate the United States? The Jews hate the United States because Americans do not try to oppress them…. The nervous system of the Jew is used to torture. Jews dream of concentration camps…in Germany. America has nothing of the sort to offer them.”

Mullins has affiliated himself with, and distributed his writings through, a number of overtly racist groups. For more than a decade he has been most closely associated with the New Christian Crusade Church and the Christian Defense League, two “Christian Identity” groups run by one-time ANP officer James K. Warner. In 1987, Mullins served as keynote speaker for an “Identity” conference in Tampa, Florida, at which former KKK-leader David Duke also spoke; Warner, who directed the conference, served as a Duke delegate to the Louisiana Republican Convention in 1990.

The two books by Mullins promoted in the Journal expound on his general theme that a secret cabal — dominated by the Jewish Rothschild family — has controlled virtually every facet of Western civilization for hundreds, even thousands, of years. “I’ve traced [the] historical antecedents back as far as 5,000 years,” Mullins told Liberty Lobby‘s The Spotlight in June 1992.[10] Mullins has also propagated the erroneous, but persistent, idea (also parroted by Khalid Muhammad) that “eight Jewish bankers control the Federal Reserve”; he told The Spotlight as well that “by 1896 the Rothschilds controlled 96 per-cent of all the railroad mileage in the United States.”

Like The Holocaust Journal, the Nation of Islam tabloid The Final Call has promoted Mullins’s Federal Reserve fantasies. The August 17, 1994, issue of the NOI paper features an article by Cedric X which interviews Mullins, among others, and states,

“sources have revealed the eight other owners [of the Federal Reserve] …are: Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin; Lazard Brothers Bank in London and Paris; Israel Moses in Italy; Warburgs SG in Hamburg, Germany, and Amsterdam, Holland; Kuhn Loeb; Lehmann Brothers; Goldman Sachs, and Chase Manhattan…. It has been suggested that the Federal Reserve is nothing more than a parasite gaining strength from the body of the American people. Those who cringe at such an analogy should ask themselves why has the Fed gotten stronger while America, economically, has gotten weaker?”


10. In addition to the influence Mullins has plainly exerted on Liberty Lobby and the Nation of Islam, Christian Coalition Founder Pat Robertson lists The Secrets of the Federal Reserve in the bibliography of his 1991 bestseller, The New World Order.

11. [Ed. note: foot from p.17] Not to be confused with the far-left New Alliance Party, publishers of The National Alliance tabloid, with whom the Nation of Islam and other Black extremists have been associated since the mid-80s.