Uncommon Ground: Links to the White Hate Movement

Links to the White Hate Movement

The appearance of undiluted anti-Semitic propaganda — particularly from neo-Nazi and white supremacist sources — in The Holocaust Journal most explicitly extablishes the centrality of this prejudice to BAHC. The publication’s promotion of Holocaust denial and Holocaust-demeaning rhetoric is also striking evidence of the symbiotic relationship between Black extremists and white supremacists. Despire their mutual contempt, these groups are able to join rhetorical forces to demean and slander Jews.

The Holocaust Journal (issue 1) notes, for example, that BAHC sponsored an April 15, 1994, lecture by Professor Leonard Jeffries in Brooklyn, New York. The lecture’s proceeds were to benefit The Holocaust Journal. The event also included, according to the Journal, a showing of “a special videotaped interview with Dr. Franciszek Pieper [sic], Director of the Auschwitz Archives in Auschwitz, Germany [sic]: ‘The Myths of the Jewish Holocaust.'”

This video has been distributed since 1993 by the California-based Institute for Historical Review (IHR), the largest Holocaust-denying propaganda organization in the world. Since 1979, an assortment of writers and activists from extremist circles in Europe, Canada, and the United States have convened at the IHR to formulate new arguments, apologetics, and strategies to justify the Nazi regime and discredit the historical veracity of the Holocaust.

The video, billed by IHR simply as ” David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper,” has been advertised by the Institute as purportedly “document[ing] on tape the falsehoods told Auschwitz visitors every day…[and] shows that the very people who run the museum aren’t at all sure about their biggest attraction — the infamous ‘gas chamber’!…Most remarkable of all is Cole‘s interview with Dr. Piper, in which the curator of the Auschwitz State Museum casually admits to postwar alterations of the room that for decades has been shown to tourists as an unaltered … gas chamber.”

Dr. Piper does not “casually admit” to anything in this video; he responds to Cole‘s manipulative questions as completely as his imperfect command of the English language allows. In fact, when informed of this video by Australia’s On Target magazine, Piper wrote, with the same limited fluency in English which Holocaust-denier David Cole exploits on camera:

I never told to anybody the gas chamber, which now is shown in Auschwitz Museum in Poland had been “reconstructed after the war.”

The gas chamber in question is housed in the building which has been existed from prewar times…

The fact that the Nazi murderers used gas chambers… for mass annihilation of innocent men, women and children, mostly Jews, has been proved by thousands of memoires and depositions of eyewitnesses as well as by German official documents and plane. It is obvious fact for everybody who would like to approach the problem, to contact living still witnesses and to study historical sources.

Given the openly fraudulent, anti-Semitic nature of IHR propaganda, and given the thorough repudiation of this interview by the very authority it cites, why would BAHC promote this video? Why, indeed, would the group further embrace the most vulgar rhetoric of Holocaust denial by titling the video “Myths of the Jewish Holocaust?” To understand this, it is useful to review past instances in which Black extremists have given support to the Holocaust denial movement.