Ugly jews, Berg Friedrich

Danny Keren claims there were only a few tens of thousands of Jews in
Poland after the war. I suggest he actually go to Poland and look
around and talk to people. There are lots of Jews all over the place
but they don’t walk around in caftans or wear yarmulkes, not even one
from what I saw.

When I went to Cracow to buy more camera film after I
had used up all I had brought with me the previous day in Auschwitz, the
first person I got to talk to was Jewish. He had offered to help me for
some favors. He assured me he was Jewish, his whole family was Jewish
and that there were at least seven thousand other Jews in Cracow. He
was a rather ugly character, lots of Jews are, and so I was surprised
when he told me that he was “an actor” who got very well paid whenever he
worked, which he admitted was not that often, but the rest of the time
he got a generous unemployment check. Every year he went to the Polish
skiing resort at Zakopane. He was proud of that and that hardly
anybody else could afford it.

Sometime later, a Polish non-Jew and I got into a conversation about
Polish Jews. He insisted that the Jews ran the country and that they were
all over the place–this was in 1988. I asked him how he knew that since
they were abviously not wearing their traditional garments anymore. He
assured me that everyone knew that and that he could tell, usually just by
looking at them and, if that failed, by listening to the way they talked.
“If you ask them a question, they don’t give you a straight answer–they
give you another question.” It sounded all too familiar.

Warsaw taxi-cab drivers were supposedly overwhelmingly Jewish.
None of them wore caftans either.

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