Topf made buildings, Giwer Matt

[email protected] Matt Giwer wrote:

> How dumb holohuggers can be when they really work hard at it.
> I do admit to having missed their fool assumption for a long time. Now that I
>realize it, I am amazed they were so dumb as to have made the assumption.
> I also admit it is going to be hard to find a way to phrase it that matches the
>assumptions of all of them.
> Basically they are assuming that Topf and Sons, makers of crematoria, were also,
>without any prior experience designing buildings. They really confuse ovens
>with the buildings that house them.

Your impenetrable ignorance is showing again.

The Krema II and III buildings were built by the Huta Company.

The Krema IV and V buildings were built by Riedel.

Topf built the furnaces and ventilation systems for Kremas II and III
and contracted out part of the furnace fabrication for IV and V to

Koehler erected the smokestacks.

Vedag waterproofed the gas chambers.

Three companies–Kontinentale Wasserwerks-Gesellschaft, Falck, and
Triton–installed the drainage system.

Segnitz manufactured roofing materials which were installed by

And AEG did the electrical work for the furnace fans and the
ventilation systems.

The only fool assumptions are your assumptions; the only confusion is
your confusion.

Read a book sometime and learn something.

> But wait! There’s more!

Oh? How can there be more if there was nothing to start out with?
Unless, like the Doremouse, you believe that some is more than none.

> They were also designing rooms within buildings as mass extermination gas
>chambers even though no one in the entire world knew how to design such a thing.

Never afraid to really run with an ignorant assumption, are you?

> But wait! There’s more!

> They worked! The FIRST TIME!

The *first* time? What a drip! If you’re going to falsify history, at
least learn what it is you intend to falsify.

The SS had some practise at this even before Auschwitz-Birkenau became
an extermination camp. Like at Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec and Kulmhof
(Chelmno). Like at Block 11 Auschwitz main camp. Like in the Birkenau

> This is really very, very amazing, that holohuggers have been making this
>assumption from the moment they heard about Topf.

I guess it doesn’t take much to amaze you: make up a history and then
debunk it. Some might call it setting up a strawman, but I would
prefer to call it wanking: it’s so transparently bad.

> He we have your friendly, neighborhood oven makers suddenly being archetects and
>gas chamber experts.

> Why?

You tell me. Why did you make up a lie that was so easy to refute? Do
you have some pathological desire to make a fool of yourself in
public? Have you considered “flashing” as an alternative (fewer people
will laugh at you)?

> As I noted just a couple days ago, because crematoria and gas chambers are
>inextricably linked in the closed minds of the holohuggers.

They are so linked because they were linked in physical reality fifty
years ago.

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John Morris
at University of Alberta

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