Tom Metzger: A Family Affair

Metzger now found a receptive audience among a newer segment of the extremist underworld – the neo-Nazi skinheads. Metzger’s outreach to the skinheads has been largely orchestrated by his son John, who has served as nominal head of WAR Youth (previously known as the Aryan Youth Movement and the White Student Union).

The recuiting effort involved appearances by Tom and John Metzger on radio and TV talk shows. One such appearance, a November 1988 segment of the “Geraldo Rivera Show,” led to an onstage brawl in which Rivera’s nose was broken by a flying chair.

Sensing the publicity and recruitment benefits of television exposure, the Metzgers had begun their own public access TV series, “Race and Reason,” in 1983. The show now claims distribution in 49 markets in 13 states.