Three miles away, Christophersen Thies

Cliff Swiger wrote:
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Would YOU start citing where you are getting quotes from. Pulling
stuff up out thin air serves no purpose and becomes more rhetoric.
>On Tue, 07 Jan 1997 02:56:21 -0700, [email protected] (Mark Van
>Alstine) wrote:
>>Mr. Christopherson was “growing dandelions (for the production of
>>synthetic rubber) in 1944, on a state farm, three kilometers from
>>Auschwitz, a very real- but different -place.” (cf. Vidal-Naquet,
>>_Assassins of Memory_, p.21.)

I hope Swiger notes the citation.

>> That Mr. Christopherson evidently never
>>personaly saw any homicidal gassings take place is rather unremarkable
>>considering that he evidently was never at Birkenau!
>All I’m telling you is that the man said there was no Jewish

And he is swampe by other testimony form people who were at the site
such as Kramer, Klein, Grese, Hoess, and many survivors. They were not
on a state farm THREE kilometers from Auschwitz.

> Maybe he did have a cushy job nearby, I really do not know.

You were just so informed. Pay attention to what you are being told.
This is a part of debate. when you are given information you do not
ignore it. You either accept it or show via documentation that it is

>But, if a Jew Holocaust were indeed taking place I’m sure he’d had
>either heard about it or observed evidence of it.

Why? What makes you so sure. Maybe he did and simply chooses to deny
it like yourself.

> Consider the
>following “eyewitness” testimony of Kitty Hart.

Who is Kitty Hart and where is this from?

>”Smoke billowed out of the chimneys, and soon tongues of of flame shot
>out two meters high into the sky. The smoke became increasingly dense,
>dark, and more suffocating, and it had a most peculiar odor. The odor
>of burning corpses may be compared to that of burning feathers. The
>stench of this burnt fat and hair was unbearable. What we had heard in
>the other camps was actually true—the rumors were not exaggerated.
>Here were the death factories. When evening came, the sky was red, as
>though it were ablaze.”

>Now if this sort of thing were actually going on I’ve got to believe
>Christopherson would have noticed it or heard of it. Don’t you?

My father-in-law could smell Ohrdruf two miles before his group, the
4th Armored division of the Third Army, got there. They thought they
were going to find a Nazi communication site. He was simply amazed at
the locals who knew nothing about it. Many soldiers were amazed at the
ignorance of the locals around Belsen and Buchenwald. What is clear is
that their ignorance was not believed. Christopherson’s “testimony”
does not wipe away the mountains of other testimony (even that from
Kitty Hart which you present from something).

>>This is the Maria Vanherwaarden who was imprisoned for violating Nazi
>>racial laws. She was not an “untermensch,” or worse: Jewish. She was an
>>”Aryan” and therefore lived in the “Arayn” barracks with the “Arayn”
>>criminals and political prisoners. The Nazis did not include “Ayrans” in
>>the “special actions” at Birkenau. That was for the untermenschen and,
>>most especially Jews, where were considered as vermin.
>So what? She was there was she not? Fact is she said she saw nor heard
>any of this Holocaust nonsense. Point made!
She was at Auschwitz I.

>>Now, either Ms. Vanherwaarden is mistaken about where she took a shower
>>at, or she was perhaps registered in Auschwitz I and spent some (all?)
>>time there? If she is mistaken, then she could as well be mistaken about
>>her other recollections as reported by deniers. And if she is _not_
>>mistaken but _was_, for example, registered in Auschwitz I, then this fact
>>was “overlooked” by deniers such as Weber and Raven et. al. who have made
>>issue over Ms. Vanherwaarden’s testimony.

Î’m still not sure where this testimony is from.

>Maybe the window was boarded up when she showered? Who knows? Are you
>really willing to disregard the lady’s testimony if indeed she slipped
>on this one minor issue?

I see. This is choice. If the testimony of those you wish to dismiss
has the slightest “slip up” the whole thing gets dismissed. This,
folks, is why most historians will have nothing to do with these
creatures of distortion.

> Will you make a commitment to disregard ANY
>testimony by “Holocaust” witnesses if I point out MAJOR discrepancies
>in their stories? (grinning from ear to ear!)

You need to provide citations for the testimony you present so that
the original source may be located.

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