Threat to farber, Droege Wolfgang

_The Threat_. In one instance, the CSIS Source learned of a possible
threat of serious physical violence to leaders of the Jewish community in
October 26, 1993. Droege confided to the Source that Barker had told him
that a Heritage Front member had been planning to walk into the CJC
offices at 4600 Bathurst Street, Toronto and ‘take out some people’.

It was the Source’s opinion that the primary target was to be Bernie
Farber. He also stated that Droege was concerned about this type of plan
but he was laughing about it. The Source said that he was shocked by this
revelation, but he did not pursue the subject with Droege. Droege also
mentioned to the Source that he would like to see a couple of high
profile Jews assassinated as that would act as a deterrent to others who
are constantly harassing the Heritage Front (HF).129

SIRC report on the “Heritage Front Affair”
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