The Trial of Adolf Eichmann

State of Israel Ministry of Justice

The Trial Of Adolf Eichmann

Record of Proceedings in the District Court of Jerusalem

Criminal Case 40/61

The Attorney General Versus Adolf Eichmann

Before:His Honour Judge Moshe Landau (Presiding)
His Honour Judge Benjamin Halevi
His Honour Judge Yitzchak Raveh
Clerk of the Court:Mr. Joseph Bodenheimer
For the Prosecution:Mr. Gideon Hausner, The Attorney General
Mr. Gabriel Bach, Assistant State Attorney
Mr. Ya’akov Bar-Or, Assistant State Attorney
Mr. Zvi Terlo, Assistant State Attorney
Dr. Ya’akov Robinson, Assistant to the Attorney General
For the Defence:Dr. Robert Servatius
Mr. Dieter Wechtenbruch


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All of the files in this collection are courtesy the Israel State Archives.

The files constitute the first six volumes of the printed work. Volumes VII and VIII, the Facsimile of Eichmann’s statement in German to the Israeli Police, and Volume IX, Microfiche copies of the documents submitted at the trial, are not included within the Nizkor collection.

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