The Techniques of Holocaust Denial: World War I “Holocaust” 

Writers: Jamie McCarthy and Ken McVay


On January 30, 1994, Dan Gannon posted an article to UseNet’s newsgroup alt.revisionism that asserted that the Jews had claimed that there was a Holocaust during World War I:


Mr. Gannon would do well to heed his own advice, as we will see…

Though few remember, there was supposedly a Jewish “Holocaust” during World War I, in addition to the Jewish “Holocaust” of World War II! Not only that, but the number of victims was claimed, both times, to have been SIX MILLION!!! The “evil” Germans supposedly did it TWICE! Actually, they never even did it ONCE.

The FIRST alleged “Holocaust of Six Million Jews at the hands of the Germans” has been forgotten, but the SECOND alleged “Holocaust of Six Million Jews at the hands of the Germans” is today a highly-promoted OFFICIAL TRUTH.

The reason the first “Holocaust” story was discarded is, I think, related to the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.” They failed to convince everyone the first time, so they quit publicizing it. Then they tried the same stunt again later, after World War II, and now they’ve got most people believing it! But that is changing.

SIX MILLION JEWS exterminated during World War I, too?!?

In a major speech in October, 1919, in Albany, New York, Martin Glenn (a past governor of New York) reported at length to a rapt audience on “the extermination of 6 million Jews and the holocaust of European Jewry” during “the Great War” (i.e., World War I).

This now rarely-remembered claim was publicized in, among others, the October 31, 1919, issue of the American Hebrew Magazine, published by the American Jewish Committee. [1]

First of all, Martin’s last name is Glynn. Let’s assume that to be a typographical error or a mistranscription.

Secondly, there is no indication within the article itself that the text originated as a speech.

It is important to note that nowhere in the text is any mention made of “the extermination of 6 million Jews and the holocaust of European Jewry during the Great War”.

In fact, there is no mention made of “extermination” at all.

The article is instead about the threat of starvation to about seven million people (six million Jewish adults and eight hundred thousand children). Neither is there any mention of “Germans” in the text, and it would be a far stretch to even claim that it was implied; no mention is even made of the war.

Except for the fact that the word “Holocaust” is used in the original article, Mr. Gannon has completely misrepresented the original text. (Even in this instance, the original text is at variance with Mr. Gannon’s claims, as it warns about a “threatened holocaust,” and does not make any reference to one actually having occurred.)

Recently, the Institute for Historical Review has also seen fit to present this article from American Hebrew Magazine.