The Techniques of Holocaust Denial: Notes – Schindler’s List 

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  22. Berg, F.P.,”Nazi Gas Chambers: The Answer to Dr. Faurisson’s Challenge,” Liberty Bell, October 1993, p. 31. Mr. Berg is claiming that these delousing chambers could have been used for mass murder, if the Nazis had been so inclined. But that’s another issue. The author of the above text is himself a leading Holocaust denier. 
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  26. Keneally actually does make one error here. The deniers are factual in their claim that Zyklon-B was primarily used as a delousing agent. It was Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss who, noting the frequent problems with building sufficient lethal concentration of exhaust gas at the Reinhard camps, decided that Zyklon-B would work better – and so it proved.All evidence at Lublin points to the use of bottled carbon monoxide and engine exhaust as the killing agent, and no evidence has been produced to show that the Zyklon-B at the Reinhard camps was used for anything other than delousing.Confusion by non-historians such as Keneally are cited by the deniers as deliberate lies and myths, and the contradictions between such statements and those of serious historians, as well as early statements compared with later scholarship, are cited as evidence of a conspiratorial hoax that is just about to fall apart at any moment. 
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