The Techniques of Holocaust Denial: Cracow Institute for Forensic Research

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Institute of Forensic Research, Cracow
Z Zagadnien Sqdowych, z. XXX, 1994, 17-27
Received 8 March 1994; accepted 30 May 1994

The study was performed and funded by the Committee for
Scientific Research under the scheme of Research Project
No 2 P 30 3088 04. Leader of the Project Prof. Jan Markiewicz.


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Methodology, Part I
  • Methodology, Part II
  • Table I
      Concentration of cyanide ions in control samples taken from dwelling accomodations, which were probably fumigated with Zyklon-B only once
  • Table II
      Concentration of cyanide ions in samples taken in the cellars in which the first gassings of camp prisoners took place on November 3, 1941
  • Table III
      Concentrations of cyanide ions in samples taken from the crematorium chambers (or their ruins) in which the victims were gassed
  • Table IV
      Concentrations of cyanide ions in samples collected in the facilities for the fumigation of prisoners’ clothes
  • Table V
      Concentrations of hydrogen cyanide and/or its combinations in materials sampled 48 hours after fumigation
  • Table VI
      Concentrations of hydrogen cyanide and its combinations in materials sampled after fumigation with HCN+CO²
  • Observations, Part I
  • Methodology, Part III
  • Table VII
      Results of examination concerning the effect of water upon the concentration of cyanide ions in plaster
  • Observations, Part II
  • Final Remarks
  • Footnotes & References

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