The NSWPP In Its Own Words

Posted to UseNet in August of 1995, this paper reveals the racist agenda of the NSWPP, and promises a “battle in the streets of America.”

The National Socialist White People’s Party: An IntroductionThe newly reformed National Socialist White People’s Party has fast become the foremost organization of healthy Aryan racial resistance in North America. The Party’s program and revolutionary political line are founded on the dynamic world view of National Socialism, as set forth by the great German statesman and philosopher Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) in his book MEIN KAMPF and his other spoken and written works. (The much misunderstood term “Aryan” does not refer solely to people with blond hair and blue eyes; it is simply the Nordic expression for White people.) The N.S.W.P.P. was originally founded in 1958 by the late U.S. Navy Commander George Lincoln Rockwell (1918-1967) as the American Nazi Party. The name was changed to the National Socialist White People’s Party in 1967, in order to better reflect the true nature and purpose of the organization. Commander Rockwell’s subsequent assassination in August of that year led to a lengthy period of confusion and dormancy for the Party, but in the 1990’s it has revived and is gaining ground steadily in numbers and influence among racially conscious White Americans. The essential basis of the National Socialist world view is race. We believe that the Aryan race is our nation, rather than any particular piece of geography or any specific government. In this sense we are internationalist, in that we believe White Americans have far more interest in common with White Germans, Britons, Australians, or any other Aryan people than with non-Whites who by some accident of history or quirk of government policy happen to hold U.S. Citizenship. The Party examines every aspect of life from this racial viewpoint, whether the specific issue involves economics, religion, politics, foreign policy, science or whatever. We believe that the Aryan race is under attack worldwide, and that there exists a very real possibility that White people may vanish from the face of the earth altogether if something is not done to halt, and then to roll back, the advancing tide of liberalism and racial admixture which liberal democracy has brought about. To do this it is necessary to stop and then to reverse the massive non-White immigration into North America which has taken place over the past generation, and to return control of this continent to the Aryan peoples who originally conquered, populated, and created its culture and political institutions. Beyond immediate political and pragmatic goals, as outlined in the Program of the N.S.W.P.P., the Party believes that the primary function of National Socialism is to bring about a complete spiritual and moral overhaul of our own people, to reinvent Aryan man, so to speak. The evil things that have happened to our race during this century are not primarily the result of the actions of our racial enemies, detrimental as those actions have been. The White race has lost control of our own destiny because we have become spiritually lost and morally weak, embracing alien ideologies and false principles, such as racial equality and liberal democracy, which are Judaic rather than Aryan in origin. The guiding concept of the Party is best expressed in the immortal Fourteen Words of David Lane: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” In order to do this we must overcome the true enemy of our race-the man or woman we see in the mirror every morning. Before we can defeat our external enemies, we must first meet and defeat everything in ourselves that is weak, lazy, and cowardly; everything in our character that is materialistic rather than spiritual, which seeks weak compromise and accommodation rather than struggle and victory. Once we win the battle within our own souls, we will be fully armed and prepared for the battle in the streets of America. The National Socialist White People’s Party is history’s instrument for that attainment of both these victories.