The Leuchter FAQ: The “myth” of the Holocaust was created solely for the financial benefit of Israel

  • The “myth” of the Holocaust was created solely for the financial benefit of Israel

Holocaust denial often asserts that the sole reason that the “Holocaust hoax” has been promulgated was that it created a financial windfall for the State of Israel. Deborah Lipstadt provides this information in “Denying the Holocaust”:

“Israeli officials detailed their claims against Germany in their communique of March 1951 to the Four Powers, and this document became the official basis for the reparations agreement. It contained an explanation of Israel’s means of calculating the size of the reparations claim. In the communique Israeli officials explained that Nazi persecution had stimulated ‘a second Jewish exodus’ of close to five hundred thousand. Based on the size of this exodus, Israel determined the amount of the reparations it would request:

The government of Israel is not in a position to obtain and present a complete statement of all Jewish property taken or looted by the Germans, and said to total more than $6 thousand million. It can only compute its claim on the basis of total expenditures already made and the expenditure still needed for the integration of Jewish immigrants from Nazi-dominated countries. The number of these immigrants is estimated at some 500,000, which means a total expenditure of $1.5 thousand million.

It seems hardly necessary to point out that since the money the state received by based on the cost of resettling survivors, had Israel wanted to increase the amount of reparations it obtained from Germany it would have been in its interest to argue that fewer than six million had been killed and that more had managed to flee to Israel.” (Lipstadt, 57)