The Leuchter FAQ: The Auschwitz death list doesn’t show all those people were killed

  • The death lists from Auschwitz do not show that any people were gassed, and point to a smaller number of victims.

This is because those lists refer only to those who where assigned serial numbers. The majority of people transferred to the camp were classified as “unfit for work” and gassed immediately. This fact is noted, for instance, in a report written by top SS officer Franke-Gricksch to Himmler (Get pub/camps/auschwitz/ gricksch.rpt; & ~/auschwitz.faq1, which discusses the registration process). These people were not registered anywhere, and no one recorded their names. (Testimony of Polish prisoner Aloiz Oskar Kleta, Shelly, p. 284; Fertig, 12; Fleming, 174. Also, see testimony of Henryk Tauber, Pressac, page 488, as to how the SS routinely burned documents regarding the number of victims.