The ingrid and harold show, Covington Harold

Dear Racial Comrades:

It has been brought to my attention that, since the inception of the
NSWPP’s new web page about ten days ago, there has been another torrent of
abuse, vilification, and slander directed against the NSWPP and against me
personally by the Usual Suspects. This is hardly suprising; they have been
more or less quiescent for two whole months now, so they’re about due.

Rather than do another piece in response, I am forwarding an article
I did back in July in response to an inquiry from Zundelsite’s Ingrid
Rimland. Some of you read it back then, but we’ve got a whole passle of new
folks on the NSNet list since then who may not have seen it. – W.S.

>Hi, Winston:
> I shipped you a third one. It’s just you that makes my Eudora balk. I
>wonder why?
> By the way, have you ever published anything in your own name? You
write like an angel, but people really seem to be afraid of you. I have done
some scouting, and people are wary. What’s up?

Dear Ingrid:

Hoo, boy! That’s going to take some explaining. I’ve already sent
you a lot of my more controversial material, so you have a good idea of its
general nature. First I’ll give you something a friend of mine once said,
then what an enemy (I regret to say) once said, and then I’ll tell you the
way I see it.

My Movement “mentor”, insofar as I have one, was Major William
Gaedtke, the last head of the REAL (Lindbergh) America First Committee, back
in the 1970s. I was starting to get a fairly heavy deluge of slander and
sludge even back then, and one day I complained to him about it. I have
never forgotten what he told me. I know that this is going to sound vain and
conceited, like I’m patting myself on the back, Ingrid, but this is what he
said, as nearly a direct quote as I can render from memory:

“They don’t trust you because you’re too good to be true. This
Movement is so used to mediocrity that when someone with genuine ability
appears among us no one knows what to make of him. They can’t understand
why, with all your talent and ability, you’re not out there making tons of
money and wallowing in the fleshpots. That’s what they’d be doing themselves
if they’d been born with your advantages and if they had your talent. They
assume that anyone with everything you’ve got on the ball who’d waste
himself in this damned dead end Movement must either be crazy or be a
Federal agent of some kind. The idea that you might actually believe in the
cause and want to devote yourself to your race is incomprehensible to them.
They’re in it because they’ve been losers all their life, failures at
everything they’ve tried, and they can’t live without working any other way.
They resent you; you are what they wish they were. You’re an eagle who has
chosen to nest among carrion crows, and they’re going to throw themselves on
you and try to peck you to death. Get used to it, kid. You’re going to have
to deal with this for the rest of your life.”

And Bill Gaedtke was right. I have had to deal with it ever since
then, and I now accept that I always will. For reasons I have often wondered
about but have never figured out, God has decided that we can’t just do our
duty like ordinary soldiers, Ingrid. Every one of us who serves the cause of
our people is presented with a terrible personal bill which we must pay for
the privilege. The hatred and the sullen suspicion you have encountered are
part of my tab.

That’s what a friend told me. We now come to what an enemy once told
me, a man I deeply and profoundly respect and admire who has become my enemy
because I have committed the ultimate Movement sin against him. I have
offended his ego. I have proven him WRONG, and for him as for so many among
us that is something that can never be forgiven.

In the autumn of 1991 I wrote to Dr. William L. Pierce and asked him
to tell me frankly why I was the only one in the Movement who was fighting
against the Jewish sodomite cult leader Benny Klassen, why I was unable to
get any help or support at all from the older established Movement leaders
and organizations. Dr. Pierce responded with the last civil communication he
ever addressed to me. Within two years he would be publishing smears against
me in the NA Bulletin accusing me of being a Federal agent and harboring a
man who, on two separate occasions, has attempted to murder me, although
even now I simply cannot believe that he was aware of everything this man
was (and is) doing in his name.

The substance of Dr. Pierce’s response viz. Klassen I found
saddening and shameful; I will not quote it here. But what is germane to
your query is what he said about me. I quote from RESISTANCE #17 dated
October 7th, 1991:

“Now, as regards our seemingly cool attitude towards you personally,
Harold [this was before I assumed my present rakish nom de guerre], I think
you are perfectly aware of why you are not very well regarded in many
circles. You
are not a team player. You take things personally. You BELIEVE too hard and
too deeply; that means you cannot be trusted to be discreet when discretion
is called for, not so much in Klassen’s case but in the case of, say, Matt
Koehl.” [Dr. Pierce then cited other examples of my indiscretions which I
won’t bore you with.] “You engage in constant ad hominem attacks. Whether or
not these people deserve what you say about them is beside the point. It
LOOKS bad to the supporters for racialists to be squabbling in public like
fishwives, which is one reason why I have always attempted to quash this
kind of thing, not just in your case but in [here Dr. Pierce cited several
other cases. I feel compelled to point out that he has since abandoned his
own policy of discreet silence where I am concerned, and the National
Alliance is now the source of some of the most vicious smears and personal
attacks against me.]

“Harold, the problem is and always has been that, as you yourself
have pointed out, we are all chasing the same buck…when supporters
constantly read negative, depressing personal attacks against other
racialists, when our dirty linen is aired in public, you can almost hear the
sound of the checkbooks snapping shut. Supporters want either upbeat,
encouraging news or apocalyptic stuff that will scare them into loosening up
those checkbooks…you are, pardon the expression, pissing in the well we
all have to draw water from, when you spread this kind of alarm and

If I may be excused a quote from a Hollywood movie, I think the best
short response I can make to this criticism comes from the 1994 film CLEAR
AND PRESENT DANGER. The hero, Harrison Ford, is being taunted by one of the
villains, appropriately enough a Federal bureaucrat. “You always did see
things in terms of black and white, Jack,” sneers the Feeb.

“No!” snaps back Jack Ryan. “RIGHT AND WRONG!”

So do I.

Finally, my own comment on the matter.

Movement people are a strange and fascinating breed; they anger me
and break my heart but for all that I prefer them to the average consumer
‘droid male and female. Movement people at least have some depth to them.
Colin Jordan described it best: “Our Movement has a very big heart and a
very small head.” I’m willing to put up with the small head for the sake of
the big heart, and although I rant and rave about the very bad exceptions,
the fact is that most of us really do have our hearts in the right place.

One of the characteristics of the Movement person is a desperate
longing for a better world, which translates into an often overwhelming need
to BELIEVE. Our people urgently want to believe that they are part of an
overwhelming historical adventure, and of course they are, but not in the
sense they mean. Their vision of that adventure is essentially incorrect.
They think they are fish swimming in the tide of history; what they are is
driftwood being dragged wherever the current takes them.

Being 20th-century Americans with highly atrophied intellects and
nothing a European would recognize as political consciousness, raised in a
glad-handing superficial materialistic society that produced P.T. Barnum,
Amway, and televangelism, they constantly place their trust in PEOPLE rather
in ideas or in history or in God. The sad truth is that these “leaders” are
far too often unworthy of their trust and in fact betray that trust
viciously, cynically, and ruthlessly to serve their own personal profit or
ego. Precisely why that is has been the subject of much of my written work
for the past six years. I have already stated what I call The Great Paradox:

I have assumed a duty station within the Movement which no one else
had the guts or the honesty to assume. I have taken this task on myself
because it is clear that if I don’t do it, no one else will. I am the
purveyor of uncomfortable truths, and like all such I am not a popular
individual. Much of my personal problem comes of course from those who have
the most pressing, personal, and shameful of motives to discredit and
silence me, but a lot of it comes from ordinary Movement people who long for
a Man On A White Horse to descend from the clouds and DO IT ALL FOR THEM, so
they need incur no risk, so they can watch it all on TV, and above all so
they will be relieved of the necessity to THINK. Their longing for this Man
On A White Horse is so intense, so deep, so visceral that they will turn
like junkyard dogs on anyone who informs them that their Fearless Leader is
a liar and a thief and in some cases worse.

Facts simply DO NOT MATTER. As far as facts go, I have been right
every time. The Klassen story is now known to be pretty much as I laid it
out from 1990 to 1992; public events such as the Fourth Reich Skins debacle
in L. A., the Tim Hepple fiasco in Great Britain, the Loeb episode, the
murders of Harry Kelly and Dennis Witherspoon, the Handley/Satterfield
sodomy convictions in Alabama, the suicide of Steve Martell after being
buggered by COTC “minister” Jerry Michael Pace, the written confession of
Chip Myers have vindicated my stand on Old Benny Buttfuck—and to this day
all these events are completely ignored by the Movement as a whole.

Tom Metzger’s obscene “arrangement” with Morris Dees has been the
subject of worldwide media coverage including a number of news articles,
wire service stories, triumphant spritzes in various liberal publications
including Dees’ SPLC propaganda, and received top billing on Inside Edition
and an A & E television special on “hate groups”. I have a written statement
from Metzger himself dated 1991 that mail from his box is being seized and
confirmation of that from the Fallbrook postmaster. I understand that as of
about six months ago Metzger himself now admits that the seizure of mail and
money is taking place; his official excuse (correctly) is that he is under a
court order and he will go to prison if he does not hand over his mail to
McElroy. Case closed. And every bit of this overwhelming evidence is simply
ignored. The Cult of St. Thomas the Martyr thrives within the Movement,
where I am demonized as Mephistopheles himself appearing in a blast of smoke
and flame to cast my wicked nets of artifice against the Sainted One, his
chrome dome wreathed in a halo of racial righteousness. As so often before,
sometimes I have to make a joke out of it. I have to laugh or else I would
weep for my dying people in their unconscionable stupidity.

I have a history of warning against Will W. Williams going back to
1989, every bit of it documented out the wazoo. I predicted he would steal
the NA mailing list; in September 1993 he did so. I predicted he would cause
chaos in the NA; I have personally been informed of over 100 resignations
which he precipitated and I was the only one who covered the story when he
damned near got Pierce busted on a machine gun rap for which two Virginia
Beach gun dealers actually went to prison. I predicted the Klassen
connection would turn into an unmitigated disaster for the NA; on May 20th
Pierce lost the Morris Dees lawsuit, in Bryson City and must now pay $85,000
damages to the monkoid Mansfield family and an estimated $150,000 in legal
fees, plus whatever the appeal costs. Once the Fort Bragg GIs are convicted
in that stupid nigger-shooting down there Dees will probably file another
lawsuit against the NA due to Williams’ involvement with those poor dumb
kids. I have been proven right about Williams every time and there is still
more to come, especially if I am correct in believing him to be John Doe #2,
which is a topic all in itself. My warnings are again being disregarded and
I am being insulted, abused, smeared, and vilified for uttering them.

There is in Movement people a reluctance to live in the real world
which I have always found frustrating and enraging. It all gets back to the
the Movement not to give something to it, but to get something out of it,
money or ego gratification or a Man on a White Horse to worship. My work
threatens all of those ignoble motives.

It is always easier to shoot the messenger than to listen to the
message and act upon it. Shooting the messenger assuages hurt feelings and
anger, and it relieves people of the need to think, to plan, to make
critical value judgments, and to change their behavior. Unfortunately, the
one thing that shooting the messenger does NOT accomplish is to alter the
bad news or make it disappear. Eventually truth and reality catch up to

I wish there were a moral to this story or a happy ending. There
isn’t, I’m afraid. I will keep on shouting out warnings whenever I see
someone about to step into quicksand. These warnings will be disregarded,
those I am trying to save will stop to hurl a few rocks in my direction, and
then they will step headlong into the quicksand and I will once again watch
while people I genuinely care about and want to help sink slowly out of
sight to asphyxiate and die in agony, in some cases quite literally. I will
desperately reach out my hand to try and pull them from the trap, and even
as they sink and the sands fill their mouth and throat and cover their eyes,
they will slap that hand aside and call me a Federal spy.

In Homeric myth there was a princess of Troy named Cassandra. The
god Apollo granted her the gift of true prophecy, but the jealous goddess
Hera added a curse: that Cassandra would always prophecy true, but that no
one would believe her. When the Greeks brought the Trojan horse before the
gate Cassandra begged and pleaded with her people not to accept the deadly
gift. She was ignored. The Trojan horse was brought within the walls and
Troy perished.

I know how she felt.

Yours for Aryan Victory, always,

“This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
strength descends upon those in its service.” – Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

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