The Heritage Front Hotline

The Heritage Front Hotline

The 24-hour hotline, started by the Heritage Front in 1991, was used to disseminate the Front’s views, announce upcoming events, and obtain the names and phone numbers of potential members. It was geared towards keeping members inforrned and attracting individuals who support the Heritage Front’s ideology, but who may not want to be publicly associated with the group by attending rallies and meetings. Originally the telephone message was referred to as an ‘anti-immigration hotline’ which had a new message every week. It expanded into a hotline which covered a variety of topics through messages which changed almost daily. Callers were asked to leave their names and phone numbers on the tape if they wished to be contacted by the Heritage Front.

From 1991 to 1994 the hotline was stopped and restarted seven times, usually under new names in defiance of court orders. The Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) ordered the message machine shut down in 1993, although it was quickly supplanted by the “Equal Rights for Whites” line. Three members of the Front served jail time in 1994 for their violations of the court orders. Nevertheless, as of August 29, 1994, Gary Schipper was still recording daily messages for the Heritage Front hotline.

The first hateline in Canada was established in 1973 by Don Andrews and his associates. The line was finally ordered shut in 1979 by the CHRC. Nevertheless, there are still dozens of racist message services in operation across Canada. In August 1992, a group calling themselves the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan opened yet another hotline in Manitoba. This one was closed down after a complaint was lodged by the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada in Winnipeg. Other white supremacist hotlines still in existence include the Women of the Hammerskin Nation, White Advance, the Euro-Canadian Freedom Front, the Euro-Canadian Action Line, and the Racist Rock Info Line.


In Their Own Words

(excerpts from the Heritage Front Hotline)

White Pride

July 13, 1992: “White pride is more than a Hollywood movie… Celebrating our proud heritage is our right, like any other race and culture.”

July 18, 1992: “They say that we advocate a White resurgence. We do, i and it’s happening; they [the government] don’t approve of that.”


January 13, 1992: “Just because they [Natives] were the first to get here does not mean that Canada is theirs. In a single century the White pioneers had achieved what no Indian could have ever dreamed of.”

June 24, 1992: “In the news, bad news! A White youth [Paul Semple] who had come to the aid of a woman and her daughter was chased down by the four Black youths responsible and stabbed in the heart, dead. This behaviour is not caused by environment.”

July 9, 1992: “If free speech for Whites is denied, we won’t be able to address important issues like Black crime, homosexuality in the classroom, the Indian problem, or the vile promotion of race mixing which taints our great race.”

Racists and Anti-Racists

June 30, 1992: “This unholy alliance of Trotskyites, Marxists, anarchists and B’nai Brith support every perversion imaginable”

July 11, 1992: “Thank you for calling the Heritage Hotline, where we support Jim Keegstra, the victim of true hatred… Jim Keegstra’s trial, and other recent attacks against truth and decency have proven that Mr. Keegstra’s beliefs and teachings are not bizarre.”

July 18, 1992: “The enemy has lawyers, judges, researchers, special interest groups, and unlimited funding with your tax dollars. But we have the truth.”

The Future

July 14, 1992: “Thank you for calling the Heritage Hotline for a sneak preview of “The Planet of the Apes – the True Story.” The year’s 2022, and in the news, Detroit, Chicago, Nrw York, and now Toronto have been looted and destroyed by marauding hordes ot alien invaders… Heritage Front reconnaissance teams have been dispatched in North Ontario, to gain a stronghold for a cold winter of resistance. While Canadian and American soldiers are now splintered into tightly-knit, paramilitary units. In the year 2002, your skin is your uniform! White military genius and creativity ensure our victory, but why did Whites allow it to come to this? Let’s cancel this feature now!”


June 16, 1992: “White students from Brampton to Ottawa are prepairng to organize this summer. The enthusiastic response we received at our recent high school demonstaltions clearly indicate a new era.”

July 29, 1992: “We will be providing ourselves with ample security and we will neutralize any physical attacks towards us in the future.”