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Subject: Re: a new approach
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 1996 17:49:47 -0400
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In article <[email protected]>, Matt Giwer ([email protected]) wrote:”I have not decided upon this as yet but I am considering posting holocaust truths in response to any attack upon anyone questioning the holocaust dogma, not just those attacking me.”

I see — so your spam will increase n-fold. Thanks for warning us.”Do you folks really want to continue this?

What could we do to stop your spamming, Mr. Giwer?

It’s clear that you already consider an “attack” to be anything which you do not like — for example, a lighthearted tangential reference to you as a “troll” is enough to set you off. Or a pun (“Giwerdly Lion”). Or a mention of the fact that you are abusing the net.

Even a simple mention of the fact that you engage in ad hominem attacks, Mr. Giwer, is enough to trigger your spam finger. Apparently saying that someone else engages in ad hominem is itself ad hominem. I guess you’re allowed to call my colleague a “simpering-bitch” as you did earlier today, and I’m forbidden from even pointing that out. That hardly seems fair, Mr. Giwer.

So, since you’ve decreed that every form of expression is off-limits except that of your friends — what could we do to stop you?

Posted; not emailed, for reasons explained previously.

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