The Effect of Revisionism

“Revisionism is not an abstract or theoretical argument….”

“Take away the Holocaust and one is stunned with admiration for the brilliance of Adolf Hitler….”

We invite the reader to read the words of Harold Covington, also known as Winston Smith, the leader of the National Socialist White Peoples Party, formerly the American Nazi Party. The following is his “NSNet Bulletin #26,” in its entirety, unedited except for the addition of links to elsewhere on the Nizkor site. It was sent out through email to an unknown list of recipients, on August 17, 1996.

On Revisionism A reader asks, “What did you mean a while back about Revisionists needing to make a reasssessment of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism a part of their philosophy?” There are many prominent Revisionists — Bradley Smith is a good example — who can by no stretch of the imagination be called National Socialists or racial nationalists. They are in some cases what used to be called dilettantes, in other cases motivated by a genuine and sincere devotion to truth as an idea and a goal holding intrinsic value of itself, that politically motivated lies of any kind are bad and should not be accepted or tolerated in civilized society. In view of the significant deterioration of our own Movement’s character in that regard over the last few years, I am the last one to fault anyone for such a view. We need a lot more of it, and please don’t take anything I’m about to say as criticism. It isn’t. It’s better to do the right thing for the wrong reason than the wrong thing for any reason, and my hat is off to all Revisionists of all stripes and motivations. But the fact is it’s not a very realistic view of things. One Revisionist, a German lady, told me: “I don’t really have anything against the Jews, I just wish they’d stop lying about my people and my country’s past.” What she doesn’t realize is that lying about people is what Jews do. It is an inherent part of their racial personality, one of their many ancient cultural survival mechanisms. The Holocaust lie is a monstrous testimonial to the Jewish practice of organized mendacity, but it is certainly not the only one. As terribly as the Germans have been victimized by the Jewish people during this century, they are not the only ones, nor is Jewish predation a new development; with them it is standard practice which they discuss freely in their own “sacred” writings. As usual, I have to say that our racial enemy has a more clear and realistic view of what we’re about than we do. Deborah Lipstadt once closed a TV program I was watching with some words to the effect that, “The real agenda of Revisionism is to make National Socialism acceptable again as a political solution to the world’s problems”. She was wrong in implying that all Revisionists hold that view; they don’t. But that is the inevitable effect of Holocaust Revisionism and indeed all Revisionism, and Revisionists who believe otherwise are deceiving themselves and crippling their own efforts by refusing to ground their arguments in political reality. Revisionism is not an abstract or theoretical argument; it is not only about lies but as well about millions and probably billions of very real dollars and cents which are sunk into a massive industry every year. Above all, the Holocaust is Realpolitik. Revisionism cannot simply be restricted to the logistics of the Holocaust, how many bodies can be burned in an hour and whether or not the gas chamber at Auschwitz is fake (which it clearly is, by the by.) Revisionism is a Can of Worms, and once opened the lid is almost impossible to replace. Because it’s all connected. Hippies used to wear T-shirts with the slogan “Question Authority”. Revisionism is, in this society, the ultimate Questioning of Authority; the Establishment is bound to attack it on that ground alone. It is for all practical purposes impossible to be a Holocaust Revisionist without extensively studying, learning about, and extrapolating the motivations of two groups of people: Nazis and Jews. They are the central characters of the drama. The study of the Jewish participation and motivation in the creation of the Holocaust industry leads inevitably into the whole topic of the Jewish people themselves, their behavior, their role in human history. Follow the thread backward and you get into a whole slew of verboten topics like the role of the Jew Walter Rathenau in sabotaging the German arms industry during World War One (Hitler’s famous “Stab in the Back”), then backward to Bolshevism and Karl Marx, then on backward into the Middle Ages and the role of the Jews in creating usury-based international banking, etc. Follow the thread forward from the war and you get into Zionism, the creation and maintenance of the artificial State of Israel largely based on the Holocaust myth and Holocaust money, the slaughter of the Arabs over the past fifty years, the subservience of American foreign policy to Israel, the financial realities of the Holocaust as a multi-million dollar industry, etc. The study of the National Socialist end of the Holocaust leads into such forbidden areas of thought as Versailles and the reasons for the rise of the National Socialist state to begin with (your capitalist angle), the 25 Points of the NSDAP, the incredible economic and social accomplishments of the Third Reich, the written and spoken works of Adolf Hitler, etc. Worse yet, the dangerous subject of guilt and responsibility for both world wars looms into view. (Today’s Establishment still has some very nasty little secrets lurking in cupboards regarding World War One, never mind World War Two.) It quickly becomes apparent that the maintenance of the increasingly threadbare Holocaust myth is essential to maintaining the entire social, economic, and political status quo of the past two generations; it is no exaggeration to say that the whole world as we know it today is based on the Holocaust. Take away the Holocaust and both the National Socialists and the Jews become very different people, almost reversing roles. The whole foundation of the Hitler-As-Evil-Incarnate portrait which is now Holy Writ is based on two false concepts: the Holocaust and the standard Establishment historical mantra of Hitler-Started-World-War-Two-By-Invading-Poland. Knock away the mythical six million murdered sheenies and the Hitler-Started-The-War business is a weak reed indeed for the Hitler-haters to lean on; it is nowhere near as highly charged emotionally and much more susceptible to historical analysis and debunking, based as it is on real and documentable historical events and not what amounts to the theological mysteries of a new religion, which is what the Holocaust has become to its adherents. Part of the aberrant psychology displayed by Nizkor people in their controlled newsgroups can be explained by what amounts to religious fervor; people who question their dogmas are treated as less than human, heretics to be burned and destroyed lest they contaminate the pure faith. Take away the Holocaust and one is stunned with admiration for the brilliance of Adolf Hitler, the vision and accomplishments of the Third Reich, and the incredible military heroism of the German people. The whole National Socialist period becomes a breathtaking and wonderful national epic for the German people. (Which, of course, it always was.) Take away the Holocaust and the Jews are seen for what they are, a sneaky and snakey little reptilian people, liars and land-thieves and sneak-killers who persuaded big dumb goyim to fight and kill and die for them and then robbed the pennies from the eyes of their dead victims, a race of con artists who have perpetrated the biggest fraud in history. Commander Rockwell once said, “If the peoples of the world ever come to understand what the Jews have done, how they have lied to us all since the end of the war, there will be Jews swinging from every lamp post.” He was not wrong. I am utterly convinced that the Jews have a long-overdue settling-up of accounts coming, and it may come sooner than any of us think. All of the above having been said, there are a number of Revisionists who are extremely uncomfortable with all of the above, however logically it may arise from their own research and conviction. They have enough intellectual integrity to want the truth to come out, yet when push comes to shove they find it very difficult to give up that Old Time Secular Hate-Hitler Religion they learned at their mammy’s knee and at the movies. I can understand this; it’s hard to rearrange a whole lifetime of Received Truth and accept the moral consequences of being lied to all one’s life. Not to mention the horrific retaliation that can be brought down on one’s head by so much as hinting at unorthodox thoughts in one’s mind. There are a lot of Revisionists out there who have far more title to the pseudonym of Winston Smith than I do; they have earned it as Orwell’s Winston did, at the tormenting hands of a thousand hose-nosed O’Briens. But truth cannot and should not be rationed. Once you accept that rationing in principle it leads to problems, as I and the Party regularly experience when we discuss in public certain unpleasant and uncomfortable truths that the Movement, collectively, does not question factually but seems to want to place beyond the bounds of acceptable discussion. That’s a habit we have picked up from the Jews, and it is a habit we all need to get out of. If you’re going to be a seeker after truth, be a seeker after all truth, not just the bits and pieces you’re comfortable with or which don’t threaten the falsehoods you learned at your mammy’s knee and which you clutch like Linus his security blanket. An absolutely inescapable conclusion from the whole Holocaust fraud is that A) The Jews are scumbags without anything resembling a redeeming feature; and B) Hitler was right. As all of you know, question the Holocaust in any of its tiniest details or most esoteric manifestations and from that point on you’re a “Nazi” in the enemy’s official demonology, however untrue that accusation may be. So why bother to do mental gymnastics in order to avoid the two previously stated, crystal clear conclusions? If you’re going to do the time, you might as well do the crime. Yours For Aryan Victory,
General Secretary
N.S.W.P.P. “This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of strength descends upon those in its service.” – Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM