The Ball Challenge: Where is John Ball? Part 2

John Ball’s $100,000 Challenge:
Where is John Ball?
Part 2 of 3

The following letter was returned by Canada Post, marked “Return to Sender, Unclaimed.”

Humanities Centre 3-5,
University of Alberta,
Edmonton, Alberta,
T6G 3E5,
March 28, 1997

Mr. John Ball,
Nordel Box 33007,
Delta, BC,
V4C 8E6

Re: Aerial Photographs and Offer of Reward

Dear Mr. Ball,

I have recently come across your webpage at [broken link]which, at the date of this letter, contains the following offer:

$100,000 Reward

To Have Three Air Photo Experts Agree That:

1. The 3D Maps are not accurate copies of the air photos; or
2. Marks were not drawn on August 25, 1944 Auschwitz air photos, as shown in Evidence of Air Photo Tampering.

NOTE: Each expert has to submit a written report with conclusions. The three experts each need to state that one of the above two statements are true. The air photo expert’s qualifications need approval by those seeking the reward, and by the author.

Before I can entertain your offer, I would be grateful for some clarification of its terms. First, what are the minimum credentials or accreditation that you would accept for someone to qualify as an “air photo expert”?

Second, is it absolutely necessary that the experts be aerial photography experts? If the question is whether the August 25, 1944 photograph has been tampered with, I would suggest that any qualified photographic analyst would serve to verify whether there had been tampering.

Lastly, what assurances are you prepared to give that you will pay the reward? Will the reward be held in escrow once three nominees have been accepted? I am certain that you can appreciate that substantial expenses will be incurred in having three aerial photography analysts travel to Washington to examine the original photographs, reels, and plates, not to mention the expense of their accommodation and fees. One would like some assurance that at least the costs entailed by the research can be recovered should you prove to be wrong either in your assertions or in your 3D renderings.

In closing, I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience, and I remain,

Yours truly,


John Morris


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