The anonymous Leslie

Typically weak responses to what you, the black man, knows is the
overwhelming truth. You cannot retort against the facts because they are
the facts. Sure, laugh it off, dismiss it as being racist (gee it’s
getting a bit tiring don’t you think? How about real solid responses?).
You can’t can you? It just shows you people for what you really are.
Deluded self denying white wannabes.

The negro is the most inferior and incompetent of the human species. You
say you hate the whiteman but without us you would be idling in your
primative ways for enternity. Oh these things happen in the past! So
what. It’s also happening right now.

Blacks cry racism, pathetic whining and protests against segregation because
you want to integrate with the whiteman. Blacks are so eager to integrate
into other cultures but feeling is not mutual. You are incapable of autonomy.

Why is it that wherever you people go, everybody either flees to another
place or does not want you there?

So go ahead. Hate us but don’t ever forget you would be nothing without us.

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