Take to hacking, Giwer Matt

On 29 Sep 1996 19:01:02 GMT, Schoedel wrote:

>[email protected] (Jamie McCarthy) blubbers:
>>Schoedel wrote:

>>So Mr. McVay is not entitled to voice his opinion, namely that you are not
>>especially sincere? He’s not entitled to collect together your own writings
>>and say what he likes about them?


>>I could have sworn you once even expressly stated:

>ONCE. As copyright owner, I happen to be allowed to change my mind as to whom I give
>permission to use my materials. Consider NIZKOR’s permission REVOKED. Permanently.
>Do I have the right to use Nizkor’s pages (all of which bear a copyright label) to my
>own devices??? Why not?

Do not bother playing the game. You have made your case.

What you are missing here is that they would have stolen your material whether
or not you ever gave permission and would have continued to do so despite your

They are common criminals. Realize what you are dealing with.

More than that your constant protests are a source of amusement if not sexual
arousal for them. You are giving them satisfaction by doing so. Your best bet
is to take up hacking and see if you can cease the harm being deliberately done
to you in that manner.

It will be much more productive in addition to being educational.

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http://www.kaiwan.com/~ihrgreg (page does not exist)
http://www.webcom.com/~zundel (page does not exist)

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