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Embattled Bigots: Conclusion: Effect of the Conflict on the Holocaust Denial Movement

The impact of the IHR conflict on the Holocaust denial movement's direction and viability remains to be seen. But even if IHR and Carto...

Embattled Bigots: Blaming the Jews. Again

Carto is promoting a conspiracy theory that he hopes will downplay the allegations against him and instead focus on longtime adversaries of IHR and...

Embattled Bigots: New Voice of Extremism

The Spotlight -- which continues to be overseen by Carto and used as his vehicle for attack -- recently announced in an August 1994...

Embattled Bigots: Aftermath of the “Battle”

Carto's efforts to regain power over the Legion and IHR moved to the legal arena. Thomas Kerr and Elisabeth Carto filed suit against the Legion...