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Embattled Bigots: A Split in the Ranks of the Holocaust Denial Movement

Introduction Power Struggle Background: IHR, Carto, and the Holocaust Denial Movement Mutiny at the IHR Carto's Reaction Aftermath of the "Battle" New Voice...

Tom Metzger: After the Oregon Verdict

Further legal troubles befell Metzger in late 1991 when he was brought up on misdemeanor charges of unlawful assembly for his role in a...

Tom Metzger: Telephone Bulletins

Ad additional propaganda outlet for WAR is a taped telephone call-in line (updated every few days). These messages are, of course, replete with Metzger's...

Tom Metzger: The Aryan Women’s League

Another skinhead outreach program operating under the WAR umbrella is the Aryan Women's League (AWL), ostensibly led by Metzger's daughter, Lynn. A 1989 editorial...