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Hamas: Brother Nosair: “Victim of an International Political Conspiracy”

A front page article in the November-December 1991 Palestine Monitor called the trial of El-Sayyid Nosair, the Egyptian convicted of crimes connected to the assassination of...

Hamas: Support for HAMAS’ Jailed Leader

The Palestine Monitor's reportage on the trial of HAMAS leader Sheik Ahmad Yasin in January of 1990 for 15 counts of murder 45 involving...

Hamas: “Our Battle is With the Jewish Enemy Today”

Since the beginning of the intifadha in 1988, the IAP has continued to distribute HAMAS communiques together with their English translations. The most recent...

Hamas: “Positive Works” in America

"The universality of the Islamic Resistance Movement: Article Seven: By way of the distribution of the Muslims who adopt the system of the Islamic Resistance...