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Who’s On First: The Fairview Server

Following the Yellow Brick Road..... Whois beta.ftcnet.com Fairview Technology Centre (FTC2-HST) 9502-348th Ave. Oliver ,British Columbia, Canada,v0h-1t0 CA ...

Fairview Technologies: BC Response

Status: RO BC TELECOM today clarified the steps it is taking in response to certain Web sites posted by Fairview Technologies Inc., an Internet service provider...

Fairview Technologies

Miscellany The Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center's first complaint regarding Fairview, in the summer of 1996, drew this response from Ken McVay BC Gov't...

The History of Lies

"On similar bullshit the `persecuted' Adam Smith is honored in death even though he lead an armed revolution in Navoo and died because it...