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Embattled Bigots: Carto’s Reaction

After receiving his letter of dismissal, according to a Carto mailing sent to IHR contributors, Carto negotiated with Marcellus and O'Keefe to meet with them on...

Embattled Bigots: Mutiny at the IHR

On October 4, 1993, according to court records, Willis Carto received a letter signed by four senior staff members of The Journal of Historical...

Embattled Bigots: Background IHR: Carto and the Holocaust Denial Movement

The Institute for Historical Review was founded by Willis Carto in 1979 and is currently based in Newport Beach, California. In 1980, Carto and his wife, Elisabeth,...

Embattled Bigots: Power Struggle

IHR's internal politics are as contentious as its "revisionist" theories about the Holocaust are hateful and absurd. Recently, a power struggle within IHR culminated...