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Tom Metzger: The Aryan Women’s League

Another skinhead outreach program operating under the WAR umbrella is the Aryan Women's League (AWL), ostensibly led by Metzger's daughter, Lynn. A 1989 editorial...

Tom Metzger: A Family Affair

Metzger now found a receptive audience among a newer segment of the extremist underworld - the neo-Nazi skinheads. Metzger's outreach to the skinheads has...

Tom Metzger: A Foray Into Politics

In the fall of 1980, Metzger was the surprise winner of a California Congressional primary. In the November general election, the Klan leader faced...

Tom Metzger: A Genealogy of Hatred

Metzger, an Indiana native, moved to Southern California in 1961 to work in the electronics field. By the mid 1970s, he had joined David Duke's...