Stuermer selections, Covington Harold

by Julius Streicher


“…The Jews are under a terrible suspicion the world over. Who does
not know this, does not understand the Jewish problem. Anyone who merely
sees the Jews, as Heinrich Heine (Chaim Bueckburg) described them, “a tribe
which secures its existence with exchange and old trousers and whose
uniforms are long noses”, is being misled. But anyone who knows the
monstrous accusation which has been raised against the Jews since the
beginning of time, will view these people in a different light. He will
begin to see not only a peculiar, strangely fascinating nation, but
criminals, murderers, and devils in human form. He will be filled with holy
anger and hatred against these people.

“The suspicion under which the Jews are held is murder. They are
charged with enticing Gentile children and Gentile adults, butchering them,
and draining their blood. They are charged with mixing this blood into their
mass’s unleavened bread [sic] and using it to practice superstitious magic.
They are charged with torturing their victims, especially the children, and
during this torture they shout threats, curses, and cast spells against the
Gentiles. This systematic murder has a special name. It is called Ritual Murder.

“The knowledge of Jewish ritual murder is thousands of years old. It
is as old as the Jews themselves. The Gentiles have passed the knowledge of
it from generation to generation, and it has been passed down to us through
writings. It is know of throughout the nation. Knowledge of ritual murder
can be found even in the most secluded rural villages. The grandfather tells
his grandchildren, who pass it on to his children, and his children’s
children, until we have inherited the knowledge today.

“It is also befalling other nations. The accusation is immediately
raised loudly, anywhere in the world, where a body is found which bears the
marks of ritual murder. Historically, the accusation is raised only against
the Jews. Hundreds and hundreds of other races, tribes, and nations live on
this earth, but no one has ever attempted to accuse them of the planned
murder of children for religious purposes. All nations have hurled this
accusation against the Jews, and many great men have confirmed the
accusation. Dr. Martin Luther writes in his book THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES:
“They stabbed and pierced the body of the young boy Simon of Trent. They
have also murdered other children…The sun never did shine on a more
bloodthirsty and revengeful people as they, who imagine themselves to be the
people of God, and who desire to and think they must murder and crush the
heathen. Jesus Christ, the Almighty Preacher from Nazareth, spoke to the
Jews: ‘Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will
do. He was a murderer from the beginning.'”


The only newspaper in Germany, yes, in the whole world, which often
screams the accusation of ritual murder into the Jewish face is Der
Stuermer. For more than ten years Der Stuermer has led a gigantic battle
against Judaism. This has caused Der Stuermer to be under constant attack by
the Jews. Dozens of times it has been confiscated and prohibited. Its
workers, most of all its editor Julius Streicher, have been dragged to court
hundreds of times. They were convicted, punished, and locked into prisons.

Der Stuermer has come to know the Jew from the confession which Dr.
Conrad Alberti-Sittenfeld, a Jew, wrote in 1899 in No. 12 of the magazine
GESELLSCHAFT: “One of the most dangerous Jewish qualities is brutal, direct,
barbaric intolerance. A worse tyranny cannot be practiced than that which
the Jewish clique practices. If you try to move against this Jewish clique
they will, without hesitation, use brutal methods to overcome you. Mainly
the Jew tries to destroy his enemy in the mental area, by which he takes his
enemy’s material substance away and undermines his civil reputation and
existence. The vilest of all forms of retaliation, the boycott, is
characteristically Jewish.”
Der Stuermer has never been stopped. Just in Nuremberg alone there
have been fought dozens of Talmudic and ritual murder cases in the courts.
Because of Jewish protests the attention of the whole world was focused on
these cases. Thereafter heavy convictions followed. At first no judge had
the guts to expose the Jewish problem. Finally, in 1931, in a court case
lasting from October 30th to November 4th, Der Stuermer won its first legal
victory. The jury found the following:

1. Der Stuermer is not fighting against the Jewish religion, but
against the Jewish race;

2. The Talmud and Schulchan Aruch are not religious books. They have
no right to be protected under the religious paragraphs [of the law];

3. The laws of the Talmud which are quoted and published in Der Stuermer
are exact quotations from the Talmud;

4. The laws of the Talmud are in harsh contradiction to German morals;

5. The Jews of today are being taught from the Talmud.

With this verdict Der Stuermer brought about the first big breach in
the Jewish administration of justice, which was given the job before the
National Socialist revolution of protecting Judaism and the government. The
Jews, of course, became greatly agitated about it all. But for Der Stuermer
this success was an omen of victory yet to come.

Of course, Der Stuermer does not stop half way. It knows what must
be done. It is our duty to frustrate the gigantic Jewish murder plot against
humanity. It is our duty to brand this nation before the whole world, to
uncover its crimes and to render it harmless. It is our duty to free the
world from this national pest and parasitic race. Der Stuermer will fulfill
its mission. It will light up the darkness with the truth which shall rule
the world. And it will always direct itself according to the following
proverb: “He who knows the truth and does not speak it is truly a miserable

“This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
strength descends upon those in its service.” – Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

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