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Witness Statement: Mr. Friedrich Paul Berg, 2132 Linwood Avenue,
Fort Lee, NY 07024, USA

My name is Friedrich Paul Berg. My address is 2132 Linwood
Avenue, Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024 USA. I am a US citizen and
have lived at the above address for nearly my entire life. I was
born in 1943 in New York City. My parents were naturalized
American citizens who had immigrated from Germany in 1928. I was
also educated in the US and have a B.Sc. degree from Columbia
University in mining engineering – class of 1965. Most of my
professional work in engineering has been as a mechanical

From November 1974 until August 1978 I was the “Environmental
Affairs Representative” for the Port Authority of New York and
New Jersey at La Guardia Airport. In that position, I was the
recognized local expert for all environmental concerns for that
airport, including air pollution. It was in April of 1978 that I
first took a public stand regarding my views about the Holocaust
story when I led a demonstration against the National
Broadcasting Company for this showing of a TV miniseries entitled
`Holocaust’. My views in a short statement were broadcast
nationwide. Although there was no overt hostile reaction to my
views within the Port Authority, it became clear to me that my
career path within the organization was blocked from the [sic] on
and so I resigned voluntarily when I was offered a small
financial incentive.

Off all the millions of Jews and gentiles who were supposedly
murdered by the Nazis in gas chambers, the vast majority were
supposedly killed with Diesel exhaust. Fro Treblinka, Belzec,
Sobibor and for the gas vans supposedly used in Russia, it is
claimed again and again in the Holocaust literature that the
killing agent was always the exhaust from Diesel engines. For
Chelmno, the Holocaust claims do not specify whether the lethal
gas generating engines were Diesels, but they do not specify
gasoline engines either. John Demjanjuk was actually put on trial
in Israel for supposedly having been the man who operated the
Treblinka Diesel that supposedly killed 800,000 Jews. Although he
was sentenced to death, the court eventually admitted that the
evidence against him was not credible and he was set free.
Throughout the entire trial, which was billed as a

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great show trial intended to instruct the world, aside from
the occasional mention of the Diesel engines, no details
were given about the Diesels or about the way in which they
were arranged. The one exception to this was the claim by
prosecution witness Epstein that he had seen Demjanjuk start
the engine by pressing a pushbutton. The fact is that even
luxury cars of the period rarely had pushbutton starters and
Diesels, until justr [sic] a few years ago, still required a
warm-up procedure using glow plugs.

On the basis of the generally accepted legend, only a
minority of gassing victims were killed by any method other
than with Diesels. The other gassings supposedly occurred
primarily at Auschwitz and Maidanek by means of cyanide or
Zyklon-B. Zyklon-B was actually the tradename of a pesticide
— used worldwide since the 1920s — which released cyanide
gas slowly from its inert carrier ingredients. It was
routinely use [sic] by the Germans during World War II,
especially in the East, to kill lice which often carried
typhus; in that way it kept people alive. Superbly designed
gas chambers were widely used for Zyklon-B employing
automatic can openers, four-way valves, circulation blowers,
heaters, insulated walls which were also specially coated to
prevent cyanide penetration and many other design features.
But neither those gas chambers nor anything like are
implicated in the claims about Auschwitz where nearly all of
the cyanide murders supposedly took place. Instead, cellars
which were quite ordinary except for the addition of some
ceiling holes and perforated sheet metal pillars were used
instead. The sheet metal pillars make absolutely no
technical sense at all since they would have only slowed the
release and dispersal of the cyanide from the Zyklon-B

The Holocaust murder-by-Diesel claims are technically
absurd. Although one can with great difficulty construct a
Diesel arrangement to kill people in half-an-hour, any such
arrangement would have been ridiculous in view of far more
deadly arrangements which could have easily employed using
gasoline engines or, better yet, producer gas generators
which were widely used by the Germans at that time to drive
practically all of their civilian automotive transport and
even much of their military automotive transport.

The Holocaust story relies on generally accepted – but
totally false – misperceptions about the toxicity of Diesel
exhaust. Although Diesel exhaust does indeed smell terrible
at times and may even look terrible, the appearance and
smell have nothing whatever to do with the presence or
absence of any toxic ingredient. The all important toxic
ingredient is carbon monoxide which is odorless and
colorless. At idle, Diesel exhaust contains less than 1/10%
carbon monoxide; at full load, Diesel exhaust contains less
than 0.4% carbon monoxide. These numbers are the worst cases
and apply to every Diesel engine ever built regardless of
the condition of the engines. From Diesels, even the highest
CO levels alone cannot possibly kill more than a small
minority of an average group of people. Only in combination
with the reduced oxygen levels, which occur only when the
engines are under `heavy load’, can a combination of effects
kill large percentages of people in half-an-hour. Any
reasonable gassing arrangement would, however, have to kill
everyone. Gasoline engine exhaust, by contrast, easily
contains up to 35% carbon monoxide and no oxygen either.
More than 500,000 producer gas-driven vehicles were used
throughout German-occupied Europe during World War II, any
one of which would have been thousands of times more
effective than any Diesel arrangement. But, neither gasoline
engines nor producer gas generators have ever been
implicated in any Holocaust claims – only Diesels. How
absurd and how inefficient those Nazis must have been!

The unsuitability of Diesel engines for the purpose of
killing anything was demonstrated experimentally by the
British government in 1956. The results were discussed at
length in the British Journal of Industrial Medicine, 1957,
volume 14, pages 47 through 55. The study entitled `he
toxicity of fumes from Diesel engine under four different
running conditions’ is the only study I know of anywhere or
from any time that is based on actual effects of Diesel
exhaust on living creatures. The study was based on a series
of eight experiments. Fifty-four animals – 40 mice, 10
guinea pigs, 4 rabbits – were used in each experiment. The
worst case scenario, called experiment `D1′, employed a
severely restricted air intake and killed all of the
experimental animals – but, only after 3 hours and 20
minutes. However, after only one hour, 3 of the 20 subject
mice were still alive and so were `all’ of the rabbits and
guinea pigs (see page 49). For half-an-hour, which is
roughly the time period given in the Holocaust story, we
have no exact data – but certainly, even more mice would
have been alive.

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The general safety of Diesel engines was already clearly
demonstrated in the 1940s by the US Bureau of Mines which
subsequently allowed their use in underground non-coal
mines. Diesels had been used even earlier underground in
Germany in mine locomotives. To my knowledge, and I have
looked at some length, there has never been any case of
suicide or murder with Diesel exhaust anywhere in the world
– except for the Holocaust story. Pat Buchanan, a well-known
columnist and one-time presidential candidate, was severely
attacked in the American press for having argued at the time
of the Demjanjuk trial that murder by Diesels was
“impossible”. He based his position on an incident where a
Diesel locomotive continued to operate even though it was
trapped in a tunnel with many passengers and where there
were no fatalities, not even severe injuries. He was
nonetheless attacked for being anti-Semitic and for helping
Nazis, etc., but not for being wrong about his evidence.
Although the Israelis had years to show how their great mass-
murder weapon functioned and thereby instruct the world,
they have still shown absolutely nothing in this regard. The
simple fact is that for the Holocaust story, the alleged
murder weapon makes no sense at all.

No doubt Diesels are as widely used in Australia as they are
almost everywhere else. They are today subject to the same
environmental standards as gasoline engines and even some
additional standards such as `opacity’. In the State of New
Jersey, which by some account has some of the strictest
emission standards in the US, whenever I go to have my
Diesel Volkswagon inspected, as soon as the inspectors
realize – generally from the sound – that I have a Diesel,
they do not even bother to put the probe into the exhaust
pipe to try to measure the carbon monoxide level. They know
from experience that it will always read zero. Their
instruments simply are not sensitive enough to read the low
CO levels that Diesels produce – and this applies to, old
Diesels, malfunctioning Diesels, Diesels that have been
tampered with or altered in any conceivable way. In general,
Diesel cylinders either work or else they do not work – in
either case, the CO levels are minimal.

Before anyone should believe in mass murder as enormous and
bizarre as the Holocaust story, the proponents of that tale
should be called upon to produce some awfully string [sic]
evidence. Mere assertions by so-called `eyewitnesses’ or
confessions by Germans in fear of their lives should not be
good enough. The fact is – they have come up with nothing at
all in the way of hard evidence, or forensic evidence or
even documentary evidence except for one Nuremberg document
PS-501 which is a demonstrable forgery.

If I am wrong, it would seem that one should carefully
reconsider the automotive inspection standards used
throughout the industrialised world. One should reconsider
the ease with which people are allowed to operate such
lethal devices. Weapons of such mass destructive potential
must be carefully controlled. We would not allow average
citizens to use Zyklon-B or cyanide; why do we allow almost
anyone to operate a Diesel? The reason is simple. People who
have some automotive expertise would quickly but quietly poo-
pooh such efforts for the absurdity that they would truly
be. Those experts, shy creatures that they are, would rarely
if ever step forward to defend accused Nazis – but, if the
Holocaust lunacy would ever go so far as to force industry
to abandon the Diesel engine, we would see the mountains
move. Surely, the Israelis would be the first to severely
restrict the use of Diesels but, I dare say, they will never
do anything of the sort – even if it were argued that
Diesels were an insensitive reminder of their greatest
tragedy as a people.

To those who argue that Holocaust revisionism contributes to
anti-Semitism, I suggest that they would be better advised
to try to stop their co-religionists from spreading horrific
lies. I may well have some Jewish ancestry myself. Even
within the revisionist community, some are convinced on the
basis of my last name and my general appearance that I must
be Jewish. I have no idea whether there is some Jewish blood
in my ancestry – nor do I care. As far as I am concerned,
the Holocaust is a `hoax’ and by that I mean that the
Holocaust story is something cheap, vulgar and obscene.

Even if I and the other revisionists, or deniers – take your
pick – are wrong about the Holocaust, there is still no
reason for the victors of World War II or Jews to wear any
mantel of moral righteousness. If the Nazis had murdered
millions of innocent people in gas chambers that certainly
would have been a great and deplorable crime – but, it would
still have been humane compared to what the Allies actually
did during World War II. The US and Great Britain murdered
millions of innocent people by quite literally roasting them
to death. The Jewish involvement in those crimes, especially
the nuclear bombing of Japan, are as deep as anyone’s.

Friedrich P. Berg

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