Stanford Lie 2, Giwer Matt

This is a tale of using the Stanford internet link for email
harrassment. If this continues Stanford is a legitimate target.

The greenie game is to pretend my public posts are in fact private email
and then complain about it. He is specializing in this form of created

It is difficult to believe that anyone but a holohugger is stupid enough
to fall for this approach.

As this message was sent barely 30 minutes before the response it
appears that he is using a bot to create this email.

In other words, it is another holohugger form of harrassment as that is
the only thing they have left.

You will note the wording of the objection is EXACTLY the same as the
last exchange.

I other words his university is operating and automated harrassment


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>On 20 Jun 1996 21:22:36 -0700, [email protected] (Richard J.
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>>Is the IHR the only source for this book? If I want a copy but don’t
>>want to support the IHR, is there a way I can get one?

> It is called a rock an a hard place.

> Get over it.

Mr. Giwer,

I have asked you not to send me private mail.
Your mail is being returned to you unread.
At present I am not sending a copy to [email protected], but I may
choose to do so in the future.

Rich Green

Mr. Giwer’s ad hominem attacks should be understood as an admission that
he is wrong. Experience has led me to believe that Mr. Giwer is not at
all interested in serious conversation. While he can sound
plausible, he has lied about what has been said in exchanges (while
accusing others of lying), refused to document claims, pretended not to
see posts which contain documented refutation of his claims (even when
they have been emailed to him), engaged in actual libel, and generally
conducted himself with such complete lack of intellectual and factual
integrity that there seems to be no point in taking the time to read and
respond except to make it clear that his arguments cannot be taken

“Are you saying that I should have insulting the Jewish
reputation for integrity by saying only Jew and thus
implying that we is observant?” –Matt Giwer
(Translation into English not yet available.)
Richard J. Green Dept. of Chemistry
[email protected] Stanford University
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“Remember the days of yore,
“Learn the lessons of the generation that came before you.”
-Deuteronomy 32:7

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