St.martins fax, Graves Rich

Irving had several photocopies of the fax with him this evening, so he
gave me one.

APR-03-1996 P.01/01


Thomas J. McCormack
April 3, 1996 Chairman
To: David Irving Chief Executive Officer
Editorial Director

After much thought, we have made the decision not to publish
your book _Goebbels_.

The fact is that, at the time we acquired your book, we were
without information essential to our decision.

I am not going to address the question of whether that
ignorance renders the contract unenforceable since I am going to
live up to its explicit terms. Under the terms of your contract
with us for the book, our decision entitles you to terminate the
contract, retain the advance already paid to you and reacquire the
rights to your book. Our contracts director will be happy to give
your agent the paperwork to accomplish this.

cc: Mr. Edward A. Novak

From: [email protected] (Rich Graves)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Text of St. Martin’s rejection letter for Irving’s book
Date: 11 Sep 1996 01:42:27 -0700
Organization: Unaffiliated Fans of Nizkor,
Lines: 35
Sender: [email protected]
Message-ID: <[email protected]>