Six More Questions Leslie Griswold Won’t Answer

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Which appears to leave Mr. Griswold speechless

Mr. Griswold,

You have often, in your embarrassing months here on the net, made statements which others have questioned. Strangely, however, you rarely, if ever, provide answers to those questions.

In the never-ending quest for reality, therefore, I have determined to repeat these questions for you, in the hope that you will eventually get around to answering them. (That is unlikely, of course, since, as a leading Canadian “National Alliance” member (Is Mr. Griswold really the best the National Alliance [broken link1] can come up with in Canada?), you don’t deal in facts, but empty rhetoric.)

Question Eleven [Dec. 22, 1995]

Dawn Moline ([email protected]) made the following statement in an article published on December 22, 1995:

“In WW2 Hitler experimented on Aryans as well as Jews. In the well known death camps the jews survived Physical and emotional truama uneqaled by any other human experience. The amazing aspect of this was the great number of survivors.”

To which you, Mr. Griswold, replied:

(Yes, the number of jews who claim to be survivors of ‘Natsee death camps’IS incredible.” (Griswold, A lot of survivors)

At that point, I asked you how many survivors there were, and I gave you a head start by telling you that, of the 405,000 registered prisoners at Auschwitz – that is, those who were deemed fit to be worked to death as slaves – 65,000 of them survived the war.

I also advised you that I would add my question to this list of questions you won’t answer, just so you would know that it wasn’t going to go away.

How many survivors were there, Mr. Griswold?

Question 12 [April 1996]

On April 28, 1996, you made the following comment as an apparent attempt to discredit Jews:

“Losing one’s job, or for whatever reason, not being able to make the mortgage/tax payments on one’s property, and having those NICE PEOPLE at the (jewish-owned) banks foreclosing, with the threat of legal action?” (Griswold, Robbie’s sig)

At that time, I responded by asking you the following questions, which you, of course, have avoided answering:

1. How many banks are there in North America?
2. How many are privately held?
3. How many privately held banks are Jewish-owned?
4. How many are public corporations?
5. How many public banks are Jewish-owned or Jewish-controlled?
6. How many foreclosures, as a percentage of the total, were made by non-Jewish-held banks in 1995?

Questions Thirteen and Fourteen [October 1995]

In October of 1995, you made the the assertion that…

“Jew doctors seem to concentrate in two areas: abortion, and cosmetic surgery (so they can give nose jobs to other jews on the cheap).” (Griswold, Re: 3rd World `qualifications’)

Two users immediately challenged your contention (Walton, Re: 3rd World `qualifications’ [1], and Ledgister, Re: 3rd World `qualifications’), and Jeffrey Brown commented:

“Evidence, Mr. Griswold, evidence. Did your statistics on this come from the same source as your world-famous `interracial rape’ statistics? That is to say, did you make them up out of whole cloth?

“Griswold’s silence on this will give us all the answer we need, folks…” (Brown, Re: 3rd World `qualifications’)

And silence, indeed, was all that was ever heard from you on this point — at least on Usenet. You did, however, email Jeffrey G. Brown a crude ASCII representation of “the finger”, along with the touching sentiment “FUCK YOU!”.

Certainly a strong piece of evidence for your claim.

The questions, however, remain:

(13) What evidence can you provide that “Jew doctors” specialize to any significant degree (compared to doctors of other faiths) in abortion or cosmetic surgery?

(14) Furthermore: what evidence can you provide that “Jew doctors” who do perform cosmetic surgery offer their services at a discount to other Jews?

Question Fifteen [April 1995]

In April of 1995, in a message relating to gun control, you said:

“Fragging” (tossing frag grenades at officers) was a Black vs. White phenomenon. Of course, now you’re going to deny, deny, deny.

(15) What evidence, evidence, evidence can you provide that “fragging” was, during the Vietnam war, a “Black vs. White phenomenon”?

Question Sixteen [May 1995]

In response to Lane Singer, who said, “Besides, to starve people to death is a form of extermination,” you replied:

“But… but Lane, the story says that they were GASSED, not starved. 6 million were GASSED (supposedly).” (Griswold, Re: Why Anti-Semitism)

(16) Please cite an academic historian who claims that 6 million Jews were gassed.


One can, of course, only speculate as to why Mr. Griswold refuses to address the questions so frequently asked of him. What is clear, however, is that Mr. Griswold is afraid of open debate, unafraid of inventing statistics to suit his racist, neo-nazi agenda, and absolutely unconcerned about being clearly shown to be both a liar and a fraud. (How fitting, therefore, that Mr. Griswold should represent the ” National Alliance[broken link 2] in Canada. It would appear that the primary criteria for joining this “party” include a proven track record of racism and lies.)

What a sterling example our Mr. Griswold provides for other starry-eyed nazi wannabees…

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