Run off the net, Giwer Matt

On 22 Apr 1997 01:05:24 GMT, [email protected] Yale F. Edeiken wrote:

>> [email protected] (Buckaroo Banzai McTavish) writes:
>> But do not forget, this is also the raging “person” who has claimed for
>> over a year that he was goind to sue Matt Giwer. And last I heard Matt Giwer is
>> still taunting him to file and the little boy with the CD-ROM has not.
> The criminal Giwer is lying again. As he well knows suit was filed agaisnt
>GTE quite some time ago.

Suit was filed against a third part in a deliberate attempt to
interfere with contract. How strange the yFe is using frivolous lawsuits
and malicious abuse of process to silence people who tell the truth about

Yet yFe was all this time claiming that he was suing me personally.
Why is he lying again? Or was he lying then but not lying now? How does one
deal with a person who can not tell the same story twice in a row but
claims they are all truthful? One ignores it as a vile malicious person who
has learned how to abuse the legal system.

As for the claim of knowledge, there is no such knowledge and again
the yFe is lying. And as the yFe can not substantiate a conviction in
support of his claim of criminal he is also lying in that regard.

In the Navy we called things like yFe a loose cannon on deck. They are
a clear and present danger not only to themselves but to others. It is
unclear why a little guy from Allentown PA can abuse the legal process to
the extent of filing malicious lawsuits with the intent of criminal
interference with contract.

It is also unclear why a little boy in Allentown can not learn to call
911 if he has a criminal complaint, which he does not else he would have

Rather we have a basically malicious person whose entire object in
life is to abuse the civil legal process rather than to avail himself of
the criminal legal process which he claims has been violated.

In other words we have an ambulance chaser. A man who provokes a
fight with his false and malicious claims and then sues over the response
to those false and malicious claims.

This is a clear get rich quick scheme he is orchestrating here. First
it attacks and provokes a person until he responds and then he sues the
person’s ISP in hopes of an out of court settlement that will line its

Of course I am willing to testify as an expert witness, pro bono, for
the parties being sued and do all the Dejanews legwork for free to
demonstrate that yFe has provoked everything and is attempting to ride a
legal gravytrain by this clever trick.

But of course the pro bono work is contingent upon the ISPs counter
suing for damages based upon abuse of process and anything else they can
reasonably think of.

It is time that scum like you get run off of the internet. This is not
the place for get-rich-quick artists to gain an early and greedy

It is also interesting to learn for the first time, as the attornies
at these ISPs advise NOT to reveal the reason for the termination, why I
have been harrassed from ISP to ISP over the last year. It has all been
due to the malicious suits filed by you. Now that they all have something
in common they can join in a common suit against you in this abuse of
process and share all expenses and gains therefrom.

In other words ALL recipients of this message should forward it to
their legal departments. Your post here given them all justification to
join forces against you in any legal contest.

You should know better than gloating. That was very dumb. That should
hearten their attorneys to no end.

Do you now have any idea how many major companies will soon be allied
against you? ATT, GTE, NETCOM as the big players in all of this and I think
in that order.

And then they all have a reverse complaint of interference in contract
against you and your ISP and against internic and the Us Department of
Defense as the organization that funds internic if there is no response
from your ISP. That is a real gravy train.

I would hope the recipients of this have the cajones to deal with you
as you deserve rather than as a legal inconvenience.

I think you just called down a world of hurt upon yourself. Good luck
and my sympathies in this regard. It is going to be more than you ever
imagined. And if you have gotten rich in the past from this game you will
be lucky to save your shirt in bankruptcy after this one.

In other words folks like primenet need only subrogate their position
to either AT&T or GTE or whoever chooses to lead their suit against you in

Nice try, boy, but just what made you think you could really get rich
on this one?

It really was very stupid to post this and give them all a cause in
common. But maybe you really are more clever than I. And maybe pigs have

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