Rockin-holiday, Bellinger Joseph

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this precious little gem, and I doubt that
“Blackmore” expected it to be showing up in any newsgroups, but the little
ditty below is penned by “Blackmore”, and shows what he is really like, his
protestations of just being a nice guy wanting to discuss the isues

[begin quote]

> >Rockin around the Hannukah bush,
> >Have a happy holiday…
> >Christmas gifts are selling fast
> >The money’s on the way….
> >The stupid Goy, is spending his cash
> >On our cheap and shoddy goods,
> >While we go to the bank and deposit the dough,
> > For vacations in Hollywood….
> >
> >Izzy gets a sentimental feeling every year
> >Everyone can hear him holler
> >”Deck my tree with silver dollars”
> >
> >Rockin around the Hannukah bush
> >Izzy’s tribe is here to stay
> >Ripping dumb old Goyim off
> >In that good old Jewish way

[end quote]

That’s the *real* “Blackmore folks. Antisemitic pond scum.

“Blackmore” would be wise to remember that I can prove he wrote the above and
I will be glad to post to whom he wrote it, the date, etc.

Posted and e-mailed to Mr. “Blackmore” so he can enjoy his writings. Also
e-mailed to Ken McVay in case he thinks this wonderful effort from
self-proclaimed non antisemite “Blackmore” should be archived.

Gord McFee
I’ll write no line before its time

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