Reparations 2, Balabkins Nicholas

“The Germans as a whole, not just the Nazis, profited immensely from
the criminal activity of their Nazi government. Between 1933 and 1945,
looted Jewish property, in terms of prewar prices, came to $12
billion, according to one authority, and to $32 billion (1933 prices),
according to another. These sums do not include the value of the
stolen personal property of deportees, the various ransom payments,
special Jewish taxes, the purely monetary values involved in the
killing of millions of breadwinners, and accumulated interest. The
monetary value of the material losses suffered by European Jewry, in
terms of prewar prices, estimated by the Jewish Agency in 1945, was $8
billion, while in 1966 Chancellor Konrad Adenauer used a $6 billion
figure. But it is impossible to calculate such material looses
precisely.” (Balabkins, Nicholas. West German Reparations to Israel.
New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 1971. p. 14)

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