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I noticed you don’t list the German revisionist J. G. Burg in your
“people” files. He seems to have been very active in the 1970s — I have
stumbled across his book “Maidanek in alle Ewigkeit?”, an attack on the
Majdanek trials of 1975, in the library here. I can’t read this sort of
thing for very long without feeling sick, so this is about all the
information I can offer: Burg is/was Jewish, and apparently became the
far right’s model Jew in the 70s (he himself quotes neonazi newspapers
like the “Deutsche National-Zeitung” approvingly [he also uses Thies
Christophersen]). It seems he made a rather controversial statement as a
witness in a trial against war-crime perpetrators who were accused of
mass-killings in Gallicia; after his appearance in court, he was beaten
up (by “zionist … thugs and murderers”, according to his account).
This is about as far as I got — he goes on to deny that Majdanek was an
extermination camp, and his rhetoric becomes more and more wild,
polemic, and out of control as the book goes on — but I only skimmed
that part.

The thing was published by the “Ederer Verlag” in Munich in 1979.

Burg, J. G. (1908-1990)
Ehemaliges Mitglied der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde
M=FCnchen (ausgeschlossen)

1979 – Beschlagnahme des Buches “Maidanek in alle
Ewigkeit?” auf Anordnung des Amtsgerichtes M=FCnchen,
Einleitung eines Ermittlungsverfahrens wegen

1988 – Zeuge f=FCr Ernst Z=FCndel in Kanada

Publikationen: Majdanek in alle Ewigkeit?, Ederer Verlag,
M=FCnchen 1979; Holocaust des schlechten Gewissens unter
Hexagramm Regie, Ederer Verlag, M=FCnchen 1979; Zionnazi
Zensur in der BRD, Ederer Verlag, M=FCnchen 1980;
Ich klage an, Ederer Verlag, 2. Aufl. M=FCnchen 1982

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